Saturday, May 25, 2013

What we have here... a failure... communicate...

Okay so maybe not. What we do have here is a few random challenges that involve my friends from Legacy Land.

Starting with one of my favorites: Toddlermania

Or aptly named by Lisa, Toddler This.

Challange Two: Asylum

Or This Asylum.

Challenge Three: Fun? Soap Opera style, just no rules, save one:
Phase 3… it’s a bit of fun for me, a bit of drama for simmies, and an askewed version of propserity style play with a hint of soap opera. Starting sims are the survivors and the host. Each has a home and a life to lead. They get to tell their own story. There is only one rule. Adoption. Each household must adopt a girl. Once the last toddlermania girl is adopted and grows up, Phase 3 is done. I'm ammending this to exclude one house per generation. There are only 7 girls after all.

or ‘This’ Pleasant View

‘This’ Pleasant View - Bloopers & Funnies is updated when something stikes me as funny.

An End to ‘This’

I knew if I tried yet another challenge, it would most likely die out as This Pleasant View did and I just didn’t want another failed challenge. So instead I present to you a story.

- Because I can.
(Quoted from one of my favorite online comic writers, Ryan Sohmer)