Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting ‘this’ started

A voice drones on dulling the senses: Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View. Phase 3 was set to begin as rules were spoken of and tossed out of the window. An outline of what is ahead was briefly touched upon and the girls began their lives away from the intrusive cameras and interfering director… or did they?

“Babe, you’re trembling.” Darren holds her tighter. “Talk to me. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just…” She looks up at him with tears of joy sparkling in her eyes. “I’m so happy.”
“Well if this is you happy, I don’t ever want to see you sad.” He kisses her tears away making his way to her lips tasting the salt as their tongues meet with urgency and need. He pulls away regretably. “Dang baby, you’re gonna send me away limping again if you don’t stop kissing me like that.”
She laughs. “I’m not sending you away ever again. Stay with me.”
“Stay? Here? Babe, that’s not going to work out, you have too many women here and not enough beds-”
Toots puts her finger across his lips cutting off his words. She bites her lip then bites his. “The women are gone. It’s just you and me…” She runs her tongue along his bottom lip. “No more twin beds, no more leaving dissatisfied and wanting.”
“Tempting as that is, I still can’t stay. I have a son. I have a responsibility to him. I’m the only family he has left. I can’t-”
Once again Toots cuts off his objections and excuses. This time with her lips on his. She reaches for him, reminding him how good a woman’s touch can be. He moans deeply pulling her closer.

Toots pulls away breathlessly and slips something on his finger. He stares at it wordlessly, blinking in confusion. His body is still in the heat of passion and once again Toots switches gears. His desires cloud his mind as he attempts to focus on his hand. “What?”
“I’m serious, Darren. I want you to stay… forever. Not just the night, every night.” She takes his hands in hers. “Marry me, Darren. Stay with me and I will love you like no woman has ever loved you.”
Darren stares at his hand stunned. “You… you bought me a ring.”
“Yes. I want to show you how committed I am to our relationship, to you, to us.” Toots searches his face. “I… I thought you love me.”
“I do love you.” He continues to stare at the ring. “It has nothing to do with that… We’ve been on our own, just me and Dirk, since…” He bites off the words, ‘my wife died’ leaving the rest of his sentence hanging between them.
Toots tugs at his hands finally getting his attention on her. “She’s gone, Darren. You’re still here… among the living with a woman that adores you and wants to spend the rest of her days by your side. Don’t let that go because of a memory of a woman that can’t hold you, touch you, love you… she’s a memory. I’m real. I’m right here and I am not letting you go.” Toots steps back a step slowly removing her clothing until she stands bared body and soul before him. “I won’t fight a ghost for the man I love… you will be mine.”
Editor’s note: Toots wasn’t feeling well after proposing and felt the need to sit down… *snickers*

“Christina…” Christina gasps and spins around. Her face lights up at the sight of him, dropping just as quickly at the hard looking in his eyes.
“Mitch…” Christina stumbles over her words. “I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you. Magic made me leave, she drugged me or something because I was knocked out and taken away from the house and then I woke up and I was here and I have no idea-”
Mitch’s deep voice cuts through her ramblings. “Christina.” Christina holds her tongue. Her eyes are wide. Without realizing it, she’s holding her breath waiting for him to speak again. “I’m glad you’re here.”
Christina lets out her breath in a sigh of relief. “You are?”
“Of course I am. This is where you belong. Here. With me.” His look has yet to soften even though his tone and words have.
Christina glances at the house behind her. “Here?”
“This is my house…” He peers at her. “If you didn’t know it was my house, why did you continue to stay here?”
Christina shrugs. “I don’t know really. I mean, I’m not familiar with this town and I’ve always been told if you’re lost stay put someone will find you and I figured who ever lives here will be home and maybe I could borrow their phone to call you and you’d come get me and-”

Mitch chuckles and pulls her in to his arms. “You’re adorable when you’re lost.”
Christina melts in his embrace. “Only I’m not lost any more.”
“Nope. You are exactly where you belong.” He kisses her nose. “Which makes you more than adorable, you’re irresistible.”
“Oh.” Christina wrinkles her nose. “You’ve been at a fire.”
“It’s the down side of this job, unfortunately. After work, I reek of fire and sweat.” Mitch’s arms continue to hold her close. His eyes are intense as they search hers.
“I think it’s sexy.” Christina bites her lip.

Mitch literally sweeps her off her feet. “Then let’s get you inside. We can’t waste this opportunity.”
Christina giggles and wraps her arms around him. “Take me, you brute. I’m yours.”
“Damn right you are.” Mitch chuckles as she pulls his helmet from his head and plops it on her own. The helmet is too large and flops down in her face. “You’re a mess.”
“Am not.” Her voice is muffled within the helmet. She feels him moving, presumably towards the house. The door opens with little sound and closes with a soft click.
“Welcome home.”

“Hi, I’m Alon.” The boy grins at her. He swallows hard as he looks in to her soft brown eyes that sparkle when she smiles. “I’m yours… your boy… oh uh, I deliver the newspaper. I will be yours, if you want… the paper!”
Heather takes the offered hand and shakes it firmly with a slight nod of her head. “I’m pleased to meet you, Alon. My name is Heather.” She glances at her hand that he still held and tried to stifle a giggle. He’s such a cute boy. He should have a cute girlfriend his age, not some woman old enough to be… his aunt. She tilts her head for a brief moment. Actually she is probably only five years older than him. Maybe in a few years… She pulls her hand free. His voice is rather deep for someone so young. She swallows hard, reining in her thoughts. “How much?”
“How much?” Alon stares at her blankly before shaking his head. “Oh! The… paper, right. Twenty-five simoleans a month or thirteen a month for Sunday delivery only.”
“I like it every day.”
“Wow…” Alon’s eyes widen. “I… uh, okay. I can bill you monthly. I come personally to collect. There are a few forms? Or well just the one.”
“Let me get my wallet.” Heather ducks in the apartment quickly closing the door behind her. She leans on it closing her eyes. What has gotten in to her? She has been away from men much too long. This is no man! This is a boy… a sweet boy with red hair and gray eyes and… Heather closes her eyes and sighs. She hisses at the empty hallway. “I need a man… preferably one my age; legal and not jail-bait!”

“Here you go. I hope it’s okay to tip you? I’m not familiar with the protocol on these things.” Heather hands him a small stack of simoleans, practically thrusting them at him and pulling her hand away quickly.
“Wow, thanks!” He doesn’t bother counting it. He stuffs the bills in his front pocket. “For your receipt I will need your full name or the man of the house, if you prefer?”
“I live alone.” He glances up at her with a hopeful grin and lowers his head quickly to the receipt book. “Heather… Heather Sergeant.”
“Well, Heather… Heather Sergeant.” He smiles at her. “I have a few more deliveries before school. Don’t want to flunk out my last year. I refuse to go to summer school before I can go to the university. Oh and uh, thanks again for the tip. It is definitely appreciated. I’m saving up for college.” He shrugs self consciously. “See you tomorrow.”
Alon practically runs down the steps two at a time leaving Heather at her doorstep. She waves her fingers in a feeble farewell, finding herself suddenly breathless, “Bye?”

“Improvise the woman says, improvise the woman gets.” Cyd pulls her closer to him. She slides along his thighs and gasps in delight.
“Oh!” She feels his body responding and whimpers. “I love how your mind works.”
“Yes, but do you love me?” His hands roam her body. She shivers with delight.
“Yes.” Her lips seek his, he denies her. He isn’t done questioning her.
“Enough to be mine?” He rakes his fingers down her thigh leaving red marks. She gasps and nods quickly.
“Yes, yes!” Again she tries to kiss him, again she is denied.
“Do you love me enough to be mine alone, body and soul?” His hands return to exploring her body, preparing her for what’s to come.
Ruyb moans deeply, “Yes, yes, yes…” At last her lips find his in a deep passionate kiss full of insatiable hunger.

He lays her back on the couch, his weight on hers, positioned to take her. Once more he stares at her. His eyes search her face. She whimpers and pouts writhing beneath him. “Cyd?”
“Tell me. You know what I want to hear. Make me believe you, Ruyb.”
She smiles up at him. Her finger nails raking down his back. “I, Ruyb Babii, of soundish mind and body, do love you, Cyd Roseland from this day until you tire of me. I will love you and only you, forsaking all others to take pleasure from your body and yours alone.” Her hands grip his ass, her legs wrap around him, lifting her body to his eagerly. “Take me, claim me… I’m yours.”
“I love you, Ruyb.” He kisses her deeply and claims her… for now, for later, until she screws up and breaks his heart. He closes his eyes tightly against the truth refusing to admit that day will come.

The lonely scrape of metal against porcelain echoes through her. She stares at the salad and moves it around a bit more. Bored… maybe that man is outside again. She looks out her window and sighs in disappointment. She sits once more with her salad and the quiet that is her home.

Magic blinks. Magic raises her head. Magic looks around and finally at her front window. A woman boldly watches her. Magic quirks an eyebrow. The woman remains. A knock on her door. Magic frowns. Who the devil? Magic peers at the woman. She walks across her small home and sets her salad down on the counter before opening the door.

“Afternoon, I’m from your neighborhood watching group. Just wanted to welcome you and introduce our organization so you won’t be too startled when you see us around.”
Magic takes the hand offered. “Oh, is there a lot of crime in the area?”
“Crime?” She laughs and shakes her head. “Oh you misunderstand… we aren’t for crime prevention… we’re voyeurs.”
Magic pulls her hand back and peers at the woman. That explains why she was looking through my window. “Is that right?”
She smiles knowingly. “Yes, Don suggested we introduce ourselves. He believes you may fit in rather nicely…”
Magic scoffs indignantly. “What? And who is this ‘Don’ person so I can ‘thank’ him properly?”
She steps closer, her eyes sparkle with mischief. “The man you watched fuck on his rooftop…”

‘This’ Pleasant View

Friday, January 28, 2011

What’s ‘this’, too?

“I’m hoooooooome, I’m faaaaaaaabulous!” Toots sings her heart out to the clouds and anyone within hearing distance. “Life is graaaaaaaaand, and I’m so haaaaaapy!”
“Family sim…” The off screen voice sighs heavily. “Oy, JLo… the girls are gone. Well most of the girls are gone, you need to go out back and send the rest away so you can start Phase 3.”
“What?” Toots looks around in confusion. “Where are all the cameras? What do you mean they’re gone and what ‘is’ Phase 3?”
“Markers, Toots. Move the markers.”

Toots heads out back towards the far corner of the lot. The unhappy headstones glare at her accusingly in the bright sunlight. She pauses long enough to sigh softly. “Sorry I failed you ladies. I mean it wasn’t totally my fault, if Christina hadn’t fallen asleep while cooking and…” She sighs again. “Maybe we can get someone to college and have them call and find one of the death phones to bring you guys back.”
“Or maybe not…”
Toots jumps. “Gah! I forgot you were still here. You scared me.”
The off camera voice snorts, “Some Captain Hero…”
“Oh ha. Ha.” Toots wrinklers her nose and begins the process of sending the headstones to a community lot. “You forgot to put a downtown, there is no cemetary.”
The off screen voice sighs heavily. “Just send them some where else. We’ll deal with their final resting place later.”

One by one the headstones poof in a puff of smoke to an undisclosed destination, one by one the ghosts said their good-byes. Toots takes a cleansing breath. “That was harder than I thought it would be. It’s like losing them all over again.”
“Ya well, I need you to have your lot back and to yourself. It is time for Phase 3.”
“What is phase 3 any way?” Toots crosses her arms and shifts her weight.
“Uh… hmm… good question. Phase 3 is um…”
“You don’t know.” Toots chuckles. “Woman, what are you planning?”
The off screen voice starts walking away. “Call your man. Start living! Take care, Toots.”

Heather smiles. “It’s perfect. I’ll take it.”
Ed nods his disinterest. “Aint that grand? Okay so no pets, no late night parties and the rent is due on the first. Not the second, not the fifth, the first.”
Heather nods eagerly. “Got it, rent is due on the first.
“And I don’t care when the first is neither… cuz I’ll be here even on a weekend ta collect it if I gotta.” He scratches his chest and watches her silently.
“I’m sorry… what does that say here?” Heather points to the small print.
“It says that you acknowldge that I have the right to enter the apartment in order to fix what’s broke.” He crosses his arms chomping on his gum waiting impatiently. “Just sign.”
Heather takes a deep breath and signs on the dotted line biting back a whimper of excitement.

The landlord grumbles under his breath and walks away clipboard in hand.
“Um… bye!” Heather hesitates a moment. She looks at the keys in her hand and lets her breath out slowly. She hadnt realized she was holding her breath that whole time. Well now what? I rented a furnished apartment… I’m on my own… and… she sighs. I wonder what Christina and Magic are doing.

Hmm… it’s a cute place. The neighbors seem neat and tidy. It’s kind of small but then I don’t have anyone living with me and… Oh. My. Yummy.

Magic watches her neighbor on his roof. She swallows hard and licks her lips. Her heart accellerates as she watches him. Tall man, lightly hairy chest, dark hair, mustache and a confident grin. She pouts as he’s joined by a blond bombshell. Rivited to the spot she feels that familiar excitement sparked again when he takes the blond fully dominating her. “Wow…”

“1, 2, 3, 4, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at my door.” Where is he? He’s going to be so upsest with me. He won’t know where I am. Darn that Magic!

Maybe I’ll get a cell phone. At least then I will know how to let him know where I am. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell him about this idea. Maybe then he’ll be proud of me for thinking about that instead of focusing on why I didn’t wait for him. Christina sighs and misteps. Her jumprope hangs lifelessly from her hands.

Ruyb stands before her new home. She looks around without moving much still trying to get her balance. She takes a hesitant breath and lets it out slowly. “Now what?”
“Now you live out the rest of your days… here.” He walks up behind her slipping his arm around her waist. “With me.”
She gasps practically jumping out of her skin. “You startled me.” She leans against his hard chest. “Hmmm, it can’t be that simple… can it?”

Releasing her he turns her to face him. His smile is sincere as the gazes in to her eyes. “We’re talking about Roo. Is anything ever that simple?”
“You… you know?” Ruyb blinks repeatedly in shock. “How?”
He shrugs and chuckles. “I gave my consent to the change in order to be more attracted to you. Not sure why the bolts were that important but there it is. Still, we won’t remember much longer. The moment we step in the house and Phase 3 is official on its way our memory of Roo is gone.”
Ruyb’s eyes light up. “Race you to the house!”
He laughs heartily. “Don’t you want to know what Phase 3 is first?”
“It involves living my life with you. That’s all I need to know.”
He caresss her cheek lightly, “You’re such a romantic.” She blushes deeply. “Phase 3… it’s a bit of fun for Roo, a bit of drama for us, and an askewed version of propserity style play with a hint of soap opera.” He slides his hand to the back of her neck, intertwining his fingers in her hair pulling her head back while pulling her closer. He lowers his lips to hers. His breath is hot on her skin. “Starting sims are the survivors and the host. Each has a home and a life to lead. We tell our own story…” He kisses her softly. “There is only one rule.”
She licks her lips watching his as he speaks. “Oh? What is this one rule?”
“Adoption. Each household must adopt a girl. Once the last toddlermania girl is adopted and grows up, Phase 3 is done.”

Cyd dips her, taking her by surprise. She lets out a squeal and laughs. “Ready, lover?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Ruyb laughs happily. “Phase 3, please for the love of all that’s evil and unholy take me you stud!”
Cyd laughs, sweeps her off her feet and carries her in to the house. “Crap. We have no bed.”
A loud thunk is heard as her feet hit the floor. “Improvise…”

Getting ‘this’ started

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What’s ‘this’?

Sim music plays. Background noise from the crew breaking down their gear is distracting but not intollerable. The off screen director’s voice grows louder as the lot comes in to focus. “Let’s wrap it up guys. Their memory of this time will become a hint of a dream or heck, more likely a nightmare.”

Ruyb looks around distractedly. “So this is it. It’s over. What happens to us? I mean… I’m just a host and if there is no more show, then…” She bites her finger lost in thought. “There is this Phase 3 you keep threatening the girls with but from the way you’re pulling the plug on the cameras, it looks as if you don’t need me. You won’t delete me… will you?”
The off screen voice attempts to reassure her. “Would I do that?” Ruyb’s eyes widen with a touch of panic. “Oh, bad choice of words, huh?”
“Uh, ya…”
“Well, to ease your mind just a smidge, the answer is no. You aren’t going to be deleted.” The off screen voice hesitates.
“What?” Ruyb crosses her arms in front of her defensively. “Oh for cripes sake, just say it.”
“You need to pack it up. You’re moving out of the host house.”
“Oh… well, as long as I’m not leaving alone…”
“He’s leaving, too.”

“What are you doing?” Magic shivers while watching from the front steps. She crosses her arms in an attempt to ward off the cold.
“Need simoleans…” Christina stares forlornly in to the empty tin in her hand. “Need… simoleans…” Her voice cracks. She whimpers in desperation.
“No you don’t. The asylum takes care of all your finances. Toots pays all the bills.” Magic shivers again. “Come inside before you get sick… and die.”
“Need… simoleans…” Christina’s voice breaks off. She shakes the tin back and forth in front of her, holding her sign and begs the empty road for spare simoleans.
“Death, Christina. That’s what happens here. You get sick. You die.” Magic sighs heavily. “It’s almost time to make a break for it. We go tomorrow morning while Toots is at work. The cameras will be gone. It’s our chance. Don’t mess this up for me.” Magic turns on her heel and heads back in to the warmth of the house.
“Simoleans?” Christina whimpers once more.

The voice breaks through her mental stupor. She winces mentally. She closes her eyes and takes a deep cleansing breath of the frigid clear air. “Mitch.” A soft smile breaks through her worries. Simply saying his name makes her feel stronger. She can do this. She can survive this place.
“What are you doing?” Mitch walks up behind her, takes the tin can and sign and tosses them in the trash. “You don’t need those.” His eyes widen a touch as his hand comes in brief contact with hers. “You’re freezing.”

Mitch ushers her inside. “Come on. I can’t have my woman panhandling in the streets, catching her death and leaving me before I have a chance to marry her.”
Christina almost stumbles into the house. “M-marry?”
Mitch chuckles softly. “When the time is right and I get you away from here… yes, marry.” Christina swoons. Turning in the doorway she whimpers as he steps closer. He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her nose gently. “If you’ll have me.”
Her arms snake around his neck. She squeals excitedly. Her voice is rushed as she whispers to him. “Tomorrow… Magic says we leave tomorrow.”
His eyes sparkle as he grins at her. “Excellent. I’ll pick you up and take you away from here.”

“Ruyb, it’s time.”
“Hmmm, no… He’s at work. You’ll have to wait.”
“What are you reading?”
“Nonya.” Ruyb smirks, “None ya damn bussiness.” Ruyb laughs alone at her own joke.
“Okay, that’s it. I’m done with bossy sim me’s… especially my own. So we’re just going to do this the old fashioned way.” The voice drifts off.
Ruyb looks around suddenly feeling very alone. She slowly closes the book. “Butler dude?” She stands up, puts the book back on the shelf and grabs hold of a wall for support. “Roo!” Her stomach lurches. She gasps for breath. The whole house’s inards are sucked up in an invisible vacuum in the sky. She clings to a doorway, her legs above her head as her screams are sucked in to a void.
“Ruyb, let go!”
“Cyd? Cyd, where are you? Help me!”
Cyd reaches a hand out to her from within the vacuum. “Let go, Babe. We’re getting the family move out suction. It’s okay. It’s a bit unnerving your first time. We’ll be fine. Trust me.”
Ruyb whimpers in fear, yet she let’s go.

Heather’s grin is huge and her excitement is infectious. “I called the taxi. It’ll be here in an hour. Yay!”
Christina hesitates. “Um…”
“What?” Magic stares at Christina.
“Nothing!” Christina shakes her head a little too quickly. “I’m just… not ready.”
Magic closes her eyes briefly trying to calm her anger. “Then get ready. We leave soon.”
Christina still hesitates. “Well…”
“Well, I’m ready! Um, except I need to change.” Heather dashes for the room. “I’m so excited! We’re finally free.”
Magic is relentless. She doesn’t let Christina get away with half lame answers. Her arms are crossed before her to keep from grabbing and shaking the woman. “What did you do?”
Christina backs away. Magic takes a step forward. “Mitch is coming for me.”
Magic stops and blinks. She cocks her head to the side and grins. “Is that all?” Magic heads towards the bedroom. “You still have to get ready to go. You’re not leaving like that are you?”
Christina sighs in relief, looks at her pajamas and squeaks. “Oh!”

The taxi driver honks the horn… numerous times.
“Our ride is here.” Heather picks up the king and sighs softly. “I’m gonna have to get me one of these games…” She looks towards the bedroom. “Are you ready to go?”
Grunting noises come from the bedroom direction. Heather’s eyebrows furror with concern. “Just a… ugh, sec.”
“Do you need help?” Heather drops the king and heads to the bedroom. “Mag! What did you do?”
Magic waves a dismissive hand. “Worry about that later. Help me. We have to get out of here.” Magic maneuvers her body under one arm, while Heather gives her a disapproving frown. “Really. Now, would be a good time to help.”
Heather sighs softly before positioning herself under Christina’s other arm holding it around her shoulders and hoisting the woman up enough to ‘walk’ her out to the waiting taxi.

Heather bites her lip. “Oh don’t mind her… she um, well… tied one on a bit early today. We need to take her to get help. It’s for her own good.”
“Get in, Heather.” Magic’s voice sounds urgent from within the taxi.
Heather looks up at the clear blue sky as if searching for something. “Right.” She quickly hops in the taxi giving Magic and Christina a concerned glance.
Magic closes the door. “Drive.”
“Ew, Christina is drooling on me.”

Page 2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

‘This Asylum’ Again?

Simmy music plays as simmy music does in its simmy fashion to its own simmy beat.

Magic burns the food, yet thankfully doesn’t start a fire. She waves her hand to clear the smoke away with a sad sigh. An impatient foot can be heard tapping as the host is once more missing. The camera pans its familiar trek across the street.

“What’re you doing?”
Ruyb gasps. “You startled me.”
The off camera voice snickers, “Awesome! Still doesn’t answer my question though.”
Ruyb does her best to ignore the off screen voice and continues to practice her ‘speech’. “Blah, blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah… blah.”
“No, really… what are you doing?”
“Practicing the eulogy I’m going to give at your funeral.” Ruyb continues not skipping a beat.
“You’re not saying any words. You’re simply repeating ‘blah, blah, blah…”
“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say.” Ruyb shrugs. “Eulogies are all about praising the dead at their funeral and-”
“Wait, back up… my funeral? Why mine? I’m not a sim.”

Ruyb taps her chin in thought. “True but see, we figured you were dead. You’ve been gone forever.”
“Not that long… now let’s-”
“Five months, Roo. Five… we thought you forgot about us!”
The off screen voice mumbles, “I did.”
“What?!” Ruyb flails. “Unbelievable! If you had blamed it on WoW… on Cata… I could almost understand, but just to forget about us is just… just… wrong!”
“Meh…” The off screen voice starts to fade as it walks away. “Come on. Let’s get this going before I forget about you guys again.”
“You’re evil.”

“Hey you’re blurry!”
“Ya well, you let your kid update stuff and forgot to check settings. It’s bound to happen.” Ruyb waves a dismissive hand. “Don’t change the subject.”
“What is the subject?”
“Oh right… I’m over it.”
“I hate you.”

“It’s been a bumpy road to put things mildly, yet Toots has made progress. Last time there was an update Toots was working her cute lil tushkiss off. Nearly to her Lifetime Wish she needs three more skills for her last promotion. Not too shabby. She unfortunately needs to max her body skill and fall has come to an end.” You can almost hear Ruyb nodding as she speaks. “There have been a few mishaps along the way. I’m sure you remember the fire dance so no need to point at Christina and remind everyone.”
“Heeeeeeey…” Christina’s voice is down trodden and pouty.
“Sorry, Hon. Just sayin’ is all.”

“Things still break with regularity. Magic thinks they’re doomed.”
“She does not! She’s just eating burned pancakes again.” Toots’ voice sounds a bit odd as it comes back to us via the innards of the dishwasher. “I’ll have this fixed in no time.”
“She burned them again? You’d think she’d be a better cook by now.”
“Ya well, she burns ‘em every time she tries to make ‘em. She should eat cereal but I can’t exactly stop them from cooking.” Her wrench falls silent as she sits back. “Done.” She puts her wrench back in its place within the mysterious invisible bag of holding that only a sim can find.
Ruyb sighs. “Did anything happen?”

“Not really. Christina kept eating nasty food. Yet some how she managed to keep from getting sick each time.” Toots points out the numerous times Christina chowed down on green wafting, bug ridden cuisine.
That’s nasty!” Ruyb wrinkles her nose in distaste.
“Oh not that time… that green mist is coming from Christina. She had stink fumes… it was horrible.”

“We also had a few visits from the departed roomies. Unfortunately the camera man was so busy laughing that Vicky got away before the shot was taken… I think he got fired.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised.” Ruyb counts heads. “No one died?”
“You sound disappointed.”
“Meh… how about a fight?”
“Sort of…” Toots shrugs. “You see, this guy was walking by and per my usual habits, I stopped him so he could entertain the ladies and be friends…”

“While he was friendly enough with Christina, he really didn’t like Magic. He poked her and was mean. She would walk away and cry. As soon as she was done, he’d start in on her again. It never escalated. It just repeated. Finally got bored with it and sent him home.”
Ruyb snickers. “You kissed him good-bye.”
“Well… yes.” Toots grins and shrugs. “He was cute.”
The off camera voice groans, “He had a horrific nose!”
Toots flails. “I didn’t say I wanted to marry the sim! Geez!”

Ruyb pipes in with her taunting sing song voice. “That’s cuz she likes Dreamer.”
Toots sighs happily. “Ya… he lives up to his name.”
“Finally we agree on someone.” Ruyb nods.
Toots’ eyes narrow, her hands on her hips. She peers hard at Ruyb. “You just stay away from my man!
Ruyb waves a dismissive hand. “I don’t need him. I have my own.”
The off camera voice cackles, “Phase 3…”
Toots and Ruyb stare in alarm. “What about it?”
“Hmm… so is that all? Are we done here?”
Toots shakes her head suddenly uneasy. “I uh… well.”
“Spit it out.” The off camera voice prompts Toots to continue her train of thought.

Toots shrugs helplessly, her voice in a concerned high squeak. “I got promoted?”
“Excellent!” The off screen voice is relieved beyond belief and starts walking away, cameras in tow. “See ya for Phase 3.”
“What, wait! What is Phase 3?”