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‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 06

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Why is Darren keeping Toots away from his studio? How will Cyd react to Ruyb’s secret? Heather gets her groove back… at what price?

“It’s not like that… exactly.” Cyd stares at her without speaking. His pained look speaks volumes. Ruyb’s puffy red eyes tear. “I tried to file for divorce. You see that he’s abusive. Only I was told that if I filed now that I’d…” She lowers her head and sighs. “I’ll be deported.” Ruyb’s shoulders slump in defeat. “I don’t love Mando… hell, I don’t even like Mando. He’s such a pig.” She spat out the last word as if it were distasteful to her mouth. She shudders visibly.
“Hey!” Armando winces still holding his ribs. “Did I mention broken ribs over here?”
“It isn’t just the physical abuse. Bones heal, bruises fade…” She glares at Armando quickly tearing her eyes away. The pain is evident when she meets Cyd’s unwavering gaze. “His cheating was a relief. It meant he wasn’t near me.” She takes a shakey breath. “He would say it’s my fault. That I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not beautiful enough and I’m the reason he had to find other women to satisfy him. The beatings were my fault because…” Her voice hitches. “I’m a failure as a wife and a woman.” The tears fall at last, free to slip down her red, puffy, bruised cheeks.
Cyd reaches out to her. She flinches. Cyd pauses. Their eyes meet. He gently brushes the tears from her cheeks before pulling her in to his arms. He holds her while she cries her tears of relief. “You could have told me.”
“I didn’t know how.” Her body shakes in his arms. Her voice is muffled by his chest. “I tried a few times but I was scared of rejection. I don’t think I would have lived if you rejected me, too.”
“Oh boo fucking hoo. Where’s the phone? I need a damn ambulance.”
“Ruyb?” He pulls her from him and looks her in the eyes. “I need you to do me a favor.”
“Hmm?” Her eyes are even puffier and redder than before.
“Go take a nice long hot shower.” She opens her mouth to speak. He puts a finger over her lips to keep her from responding. She stops and stares at him. She nods silently. “I love you.”
She smiles. He moves his finger from her lips. “I love you, too.”

He caresses her cheek. “I’m torn.”
“How so?” Toots’ eyes search his for answers.
“I should go home to my son.” His fingers wrap in her hair at the nape of her neck. He pulls her lips to his and kisses her lightly. His voice hitches. “Only I don’t want to.”
“He’s old enough not to need constant care.” She easily slips her arms around him again. “I’m sure he will be just fine for a few hours.”
“Siren…” His voice grows thick with his need for her, “always luring me in to your arms. How am I, a mere mortal, supposed to resist you?”
Toots presses closer. “You don’t. You simply give in to my whims.”

Mitch walks down the steps immersed in his book. He pauses at the foot of the stairs and frowns at the paragraph. The phone on the wall rings loudly trying to gain his attention. He ignores it for the moment until he reaches the end of the chapter. He snorts, closes the book with his finger holding his place and looks around noting Christina’s absence. The phone continues its annoying ring refusing to be ignored.
Closing the distance to the phone he plucks the reciever off its cradle with ease. “Yes?” His frown is instantly replaced with a smile as the voice on the other end speaks to him. “Hey, I was just… oh?” His book held across his chest, the phone receiver pressed to his ear, he leans against the wall listening. His grin widens until he is practically beaming. “Excellent! That’s the best news I’ve had all night.” He glances around the staircase and frowns. “Hmm? Ya… sorry, just distracted. I thought Christina was… oh?” He chuckles. “Sure, I’ll talk with her and let you know tomorrow.” He looks up the stairs and his grin returns at the sound of rushing water. “Listen, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’d say stay out of trouble, but really what’s the point?” He laughs and shakes his head. “Have fun.”
He clicks the end button and looks up the stairs. “I know I will.” He hangs the reciever back on the craddle and takes the staris two at a time. His grin is still present, his book all but forgotten in his hand.

Cyd doesn’t speak he simply looks at Armando. Armando fidgets. “What?”
“You’re in my home.”
“Ya…” Armando glares at Cyd.
“I’m simply waiting for you to leave.” Cyd continues to stare at Armando.
“What makes you think I’m leaving without what’s mine?” Armando counters.
“Nothing and noone in this house is yours. You were paid for the delivery. I made sure to give you a tip-”
“A broken rib is not a tip. Five simoleans… ten simoleans… that’s a tip!” Armando hisses.

“I’ll tell you what…” Cyd’s calm is grating on Armando’s nerves. “You have entered my home uninvited. You remain unwanted. If you insist on remaining, I can and will forcibly remove you from my residence… or…”
Armando bristles. His ego is bruised along with his ribs. “You got in a few lucky punches but-”
“Or…” Cyd interrupts. “I can just kill you in self defence.”
“You’re crazy.”
“Possibly…” Cyd shrugs indifferently. “I am within my rights to protect my home and loved ones from an intruder.”

“Oh my…” Toots purrs huskily. She moves her hips against him and licks her lips. “Is this something you should be starting just before you’re heading out the door?”
“Am I heading for the door?” His hands slide down her back to her bottom. He squeezes and chuckles. “Maybe I was… but I’m suddenly in no real hurry to leave.”
“Be still my heart…” She leans closer. “Mr. Dreamer, could you possibly be hesitant to leave my side?”
“That I am, future Mrs. Dreamer.”
Toots melts and swoons. “Mrs. Dreamer… Mrs. Grim-Dreamer… Mrs. Toots Grim-Dreamer… that really has a beautiful ring to it, don’t you think?”
“Grim-Dreamer?” He chuckles. “It has its own unique charm.” He kisses her hungrily, holding her body close to his. In one fluid movement he sweeps her into his arms and carries her in to the bedroom. “My son can wait for a bit longer… right now, my woman needs me.”

“But I don’t understand.” Christina shivers as his hands roam.
He raises an eyebrow and grins. “What’s to understand? They can’t meet with us tonight and asked if we would come by tomorrow. I didn’t really want to go tonight. The girls are happily occupied with their current play toy. So it all works out rather nicely.”
“But Dina sounded so excited on the phone…” Mitch continues to distract her from her current line of thinking. Christina whimpers.
Mitch stops for a moment and grins. “Breathless?” Christina nods. Mitch snorts and shakes his head. “That wasn’t her excitement for going to these people’s house. It’s a game they play with Don. He sees how long they can keep a civil conversation before losing it…”
“This Don guy upsets them?” She tilts her head. Mitch chuckles and nibbles along her neck.
“No, he uh…” He slides his hand lower giving her a demonstration.
She grips at him. Her eyes widen. “Oh!”
“Uh huh…” He keeps up the playing watching her face with a grin. “Now the hard part is they keep a civil conversation while he does something like…”

“That’s stupid… and even if you’re right, you can’t keep me from Ruyb.” He sneers. “She’s still my wife.”
“Symantics and technicalities,” Cyd disregards his statement. “That can be easily remedied with your death…”
“They’ll deport her. Hell, maybe I’ll call now and you can watch them as they haul her sorry ass away.” Armando peers at him. “Ya, so you can’t have her either… ya that bitch causes me nothing but problems, broken ribs, probably lost my job now so ya… she deserves to get her ass sent back to… whatever.”
It’s Cyd’s turn to sneer. “You don’t even know where she’s from.”
“Sure I do. You think you got all the answers… she’s from that uh… Simanada!” Armando stands taller. “Ha! You thought I don’t know.”
“You don’t. She isn’t from Simanada.” Cyd smirks. “Leave.”

“Simanada, Simexico, whatever…” Armando growls. “The bitch is going to hell for all I care.”
“As the expression goes… you first.”
“You’re fucking creepy… ya know that?” Armando’s face is screwed up in pain and annoyance. “I’m outta here.”
“That’s what I’ve been waiting for.” Cyd motions towards the door.
“Why the hell do you care what happens to her?” Armando holds his middle and stares at Cyd.
“Love… respect… kindness…” Cyd grabs him by the collar and begins escorting him towards the door. “You need to learn a thing or two about all of those civil things.”

She looks at her reflection and sighs softly. She closes her eyes, presses her forhead to the cold mirror and sighs again. “Why can’t he just disappear and leave me alone?”
She stares at the door with concern. Most of the yelling is one sided. Not surprising to Ruyb. She knows what a hot head Armando is and how opposite Cyd is. She smiles at the thought of Cyd.
Ruyb touches her face lightly, before recoiling and hissing. “Armando why can’t you just die?”
She puts her hand over her mouth. Her eyes tear. She closes them hard before getting sick to her stomach.

Magic sighs exageratedly. “Bored.” She lounges on her couch staring at nothing. “Ugh!” She lies back on her couch, her legs extended, and her hands on her belly while staring blankly at the ceiling. “Nothing good ever happens around-”
She tilts her head with a quizical look. She sits up planting her feet on the carpet and peers at the nothingness listening intently. She gasps practically running for the lights. Flipping the switch, she casts the room in to sudden darrkness. Her breathing is errattic. Her lips form the repeated words that are shaped yet not spoken until at last the words break forth from her lips, “Oh mah guh!”
Standing at the window, her heavy breathing leaves misty puffs on the pain. She covers her mouth with both hands barely containing a squeal. Quickly she plucks her binoculars from her magically indistinct bag of simholding… takes her binoculars that she conveniently leaves near this particular window for such occasions and licks her lips. She whimpers. “Both… twins… ?!” She focuses the binoculars and sits down hard on the arm of the sofa. “Oooo…”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 07

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 05

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Toots gets her way, the boys are moving in. Is this a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ or did Dirk really have a change of heart? Ruyb is put in her place just as Cyd comes to the rescue. What does Armando know that Ruyb desperately wants to keep quiet? Heather gets a surprise visitor. Can she wait five days before giving in to temptation?


“Why…” She holds him close. She shivers in his embrace. “Why didn’t I just let you walk out the door?”
“You don’t want me to leave,” He places soft kisses her along her jaw. “I don’t want to go.”
“Mmm…” She clutches him to her. “I don’t want you to go.”
He whispers, “This is where we want to be.” His breath tickles her ear.
“That doesn’t make it right.” His lips trail down her neck. She whimpers. “Alon…”
His right hand slides along her back at her waist slipping effortlessly under her blouse. She gasps. His lips claim hers in a kiss of sweet innocence and adventure. His hand slides up her back enjoying the feel of her skin. She moans in to his kiss. His kiss grows bolder, hungrier. His hand slips back to her waist hesitating for a beat before making its way up her side. Breathlessly she breaks the kiss, her eyes half closed and smoldering with passion. “Alon…”

Darren chuckles. “I don’t think I have ever seen Dirk so quiet during dinner. He’s usually going on about school and some teacher or some other student or Lil… oh how he can go on about that girl. I don’t know what you two talked about but it sure seems to have him thinking.”
Toots smiles and shrugs. “I hope that’s a good thing… him thinking I mean.”
Darrent returns her smile with one of his own. “We’re moving in, I’d say it is a good thing.” He shakes his head. “I don’t know how you did it…”
“Maybe he just wants you to be happy. It’s what I want for you. He loves you. I’m sure it’s what he wants too.”

Cyd’s fist makes solid contact with Armando’s chin causing the man to stagger a step. He shakes his head to clear his vision in time to see another punch coming for him. Swaying right he manages to avoid the brunt of the punch that grazes his jaw.
Armando growls. Raising his fists he swings wildly at Cyd. Cyd sways backward out of Armando’s reach and counters with a punch in the gut. Armando doubles over letting out a huff of air. “Huu…”
Cyd’s adrenaline is pumping through him like fire. His focus is everywhere and on everything. He is very aware of his surroundings. Armando grits his teeth. Upon rising he lunges for Cyd. Cyd’s eyes widen and he braces himself for impact.
Ruyb squeals in fright. “Cyd!” Her hands fly to her mouth as she chokes back her fear for his safety.
Cyd pushes against Armando distancing himself enough to swing back with his right and land another punch, this time to the kidneys. Armando winces and hisses while countering a punch of his own. This one isn’t nearly as wild and finds its mark angering Cyd.
Cyd has stopped pulling his punches and lets loose with five successive punches, all landing beautifully to Armando’s torso winding the man. Armando staggers breathless and falls to his knee. Holding his ribcage he sucks at the air hungrily.
“Oh… oh!” Ruyb watches in horrified fascination. “Hit him again!” She cringes as a blow lands to the kidneys. “Hurt him, Cyd!” She cheers him on.

“Tell me…” He looks her in the eyes. His hand slips up her rib cage to her breast, cupping her in his palm. “Tell me to go and I will.” His thumb runs across her bra. “Only I don’t think that’s what you want.”
“I can’t.” She pulls him closer kissing him. She moans. “This is so wrong…” His hand slips down her flat stomach, she arches her back. “Oh!”
“This isn’t wrong. This is what we want.” He claims her lips once again in a deep kiss. “You’re mine, Heather.” He takes her hand in his. He slides his body over hers pinning her to the bed. “Tonight… nothing outside this room exists. Just you and me.”

Cyd lands the final blow. Armando finds himself on the losing end of the fight, unceremoniously planted on his ass. He hisses in pain and anger. Cyd holds his anger in check. He glowers over him. His fists clench and unclench at his sides. “Apologize to her.”
Ruyb’s cheers die down. She looks at the two in stunned wonder. “Wow…”
Armando glares at Ruyb. She stares in fascination at Cyd. Cyd kicks him. “I said apologize to her.”
“Fuck that.” Armando stands and faces Cyd. “You can put me in a hospital. I won’t ever apologize to that-”
Armando’s words are cut off as another blow makes contact with his stomach. All that is heard in the stunned silence is an audible ‘oof’.

She tilts her head at him. “What?”
“You’re amazing.” He brushes the hair from her eyes. “I’ve got some work to do on the house. Get some stuff moved, other stuff sold, the house cleaned up.” He stares at her for a moment lost in thought.
“There’s no hurry there. I can help, too. We could move your personal belongings first. Then go room by room deciding what gets moved here, what gets left.”
“You know I have a studio down on Baker Street. I can store most of my art stuff there. No need to clutter your home-”
“Our home.” She interjects.

Armando staggers out of reach to catch his breath. “Fuck.”
Cyd watches him walk away before turning his attention to Ruyb. She stares after Armando. An odd look is on her face, full of awe and confusion when she turns her attention back to Cyd. “You’re amazing.”
“This isn’t exactly what a man wants to come home to.” Cyd holds his hand out to her. Ruyb gratefully goes to him.

Cyd pulls her in to his arms. “I only wish I gotten home sooner.”
Ruyb melts in his arms. “Don’t be silly. You had no idea this was going to happen. Hell, I had no idea it was going to happen or I would never have ordered Chinese food… which is probably nasty and cold now.”
Ruyb feels Cyd chuckle as he holds her. She lays her head on his shoulder feeling safe in his embrace. Cyd sighs. “You’re still trembling.”
“I’m sorry.” She tries to stop but fails.
He lightly touches her cheek. “You’re going to want to put some ice on that… it’s gonna bruise worse than it already is.” He doesn’t release her. He holds her and grows serious. “Are you okay?”
“I’m… I guess I’m okay. You?”
“Honestly, I’m still pretty upset and I want answers.”

“Our home… I like the sound of that.” He pulls her in to his arms. “My art stuff will go to the studio.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever been there.” She peers at him. “I don’t even think I knew you had one.”
He grins. “When I get everything moved in and arranged, we’ll have to get you down there.”
“I could help-”
“No… no offense, Lover, but that’s my studio, my haven for my art. While I will share all aspects of my life with you, my art is still my own.” Darren says this in such a matter-of-fact tone, Toots doesn’t argue. She simply nods in understanding.

Armando limps towards the door still holding his side. “A-answers?”
Cyd sighs softly and steps back. “I’m not a fool, Ruyb. This guy isn’t some stranger assaulting my woman in our home. If that were the case, I would have called the police before beating the crap out of him.”
“Hey!” Armando stops at the door. “You didn’t-”
Cyd raises an eyebrow waiting to see if he would finish his comment. Armando sneers and limps towards the door again. “So who is this guy and what is this all about?”
“That… that’s Armando… Armando Livingston.” She swallows hard past the lump in her throat.
“And?” Cyd prompts. “You two obviously know each other…”
“Knew… past tense. He… well, he’s…” Ruyb’s look is strained and panicked.

“How did I get so lucky?” Darren holds her close, lowering his lips to hers kissing her gently. “I’m so lucky to have the perfect woman.”
Toots melts in his embrace, matching his kiss with her own. “I’m not perfect, Darren.”
“Maybe not…” He runs his tongue lightly across her lips causing her to shiver. “You’re just perfect for me.”

“Her husband,” Armando’s voice comes from behind Cyd. Cyd turns and stares at him in disbelief. His gaze is hard and unyeilding. “Roobs is my wife…” He smirks at Cyd. “You didn’t know she was married…” He looks at Ruyb’s horrified face and laughs, winces and holds his side. “I think you broke a rib… or three.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 06

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 04

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Heather receives a mysterious package that taunts her thoughts as it sits at her doorway. Who sent it? What’s in it? Should she open it or call the police bomb squad to haul it away? Christina is left home as Mitch goes off with the slut twins. Is he a good Samaritan or a good liar? Ruyb gets sassy with her abuser Armando. Will he back down or bitchslap her again? Magic listens to Don’s request. Will she help him? Is it worth her time? Is he?


Toots laughs. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with… I’ll tell you what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you your own room, your own bathroom and that jalopy out there… if you can fix it, it’s yours, too.”
Dirk stares at her. “What, no allowance?” He smirks watching her seethe.
“Oh you think you’re clever… no, no allowance from me. You will have to get from your father. What you’re going to do for me in exchange is move in here.”
His eyes narrow. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch. That’s the deal. You have until dinner is over to tell him you’ll move in.”
“And if I say no?” His eyes travel her body, his lip twitches as he fights a grin. Her teeth clench momentarily as his eyes remain on her breasts for much too long.
“You try and say no, we do this the hard way.” She snaps her fingers in his face. He doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t avert his eyes. “Careful, little boy.”

“Your boobs are bigger than Lil’s. I bet they’re soft.” His hand reaches for her. Her eyes grow hard. She grabs his hand with surprising force and speed, twisting his hand with a jerk and bending it back at the wrist. He hisses in pain. “Damn, bitch!”
“I told you to be careful.” She applies pressure to his wrist causing him to hiss again.
“What the fuck?”
“Dirk?” Darren calls from the livingroom.
“Ya?” Dirk responds, still gritting his teeth.
“You okay?” Darren’s voice is full of concern. Toots applies pressure to his bent wrist.
“Ya.” Dirk glares at Toots.

Ruyb whimpers in pain on the ground. “Get up.” Ruyb looks up at him. Her eyes are defiant. He growls. “I said get up!” She sits there refusing to move. He comes for her again.
“No… no!” She screams at him. Scrambling to her feet, she tries defending herself. He punches her in the ribs. She cries out in pain. She staggers on her feet.
Armando yells at her. “Who’s a boy now, bitch? Huh?” He moves as if to come at her again. She flinches. “That’s right. I got your boy right here!” He grabs his cock and sneers at her. “Bet you want some of this… don’t you… don’t you?!”

Cyd walks up the path. He runs his fingers through his hair with a tired yawn. He tilts his head listening as he hears yelling. “You fucking bitch!”
His foot hits the first step as he hears her scream. “Ruyb!” Cyd grits his teeth and storms in the house in time to see some strange man in his home, arm cocked to punch his woman. “Ruyb!”
Ruyb staggers on her feet, smiles through her tears. Her voice is a strained hoarse cry. “Cyd!”
The man pushes her aside and turns to face Cyd. “Oh look, the mook is home…”

Ruyb braces herself for what’s to come. Cyd pushes Armando. “Keep your hands off her.”
Armando is taken a bit by surprised and blinks at Cyd. “Are you serious? That’s it? That’s all you got?” Armando laughs. “Roobs, you want this dude? He’s not even a real man.”
Ruyb gasps. “He’s more man than you could ever dream to be!”
“You don’t want to take me on… you want to leave… now.” Cyd grits his teeth and glances at Ruyb, his anger is getting away from him. “I could kill you for what I walked in on. This is my house, you’re trespassing.”
Ruyb’s eyes grow wide. Cyd frowns in confusion.

“Oh, I’ll go… but not without Roobs.”
Cyd laughs. “You seriously think I’m going to let you out of here with her? You must be high.”
Armando snarls. “You best back down.”
Cyd laughs harder. “No, I see now. You’re delusional. I don’t fight with the mentally challenged. Go on now, before you hurt yourself.”
It’s Armando’s turn to laugh. “You idiot. Roobs is-”
“Mando!” Ruyb gasps in horror.
Armando sneers at Ruyb. “Even a dumbass like this deserves to know what kind of slut he’s fucking.”
Cyd growls. “That’s it. I tried to be civil. You crossed a line and now your ass is mine…”

Darren chuckles. “You made macaroni.”
“How many times have I got to tell you? A woman who loves her man, knows what he loves and how to keep him happy.” A snort comes from the other side of the table. Toots ignores and smiles at Darren. “There are other things I can cook, but we’ll get to them another time.”
“You’re amazing.” He reaches across the table and takes her hand in his, lifts it to his lips and kisses the back of her hand. Dirk groans.
Toots smiles at Dirk. “I think he may need some of Grandma’s special chicken soup.”

Dirk pushes around his macaroni trying hard to ignore his grumbling stomach. “Nah, I’m cool.”
“Dirk…” Darren clears his throat.
Dirk looks across the table at his father and sighs. “Ya?”
“So uh… you’re okay with me dating?”
Dirk shrugs. “Ya.” He drops his fork in the bowl and babies his wrist under the table. “It’s cool.”
Toots smiles quietly as Darren continues. “And you’re okay with moving in here?”
Dirk glares at Toots before responding. “Ya…”

Heather swallows hard and licks her suddenly dry lips. “Alon, I don’t think this is a good idea…”
“What isn’t a good idea?” He brushes hair from her eyes. “Bringing in a package?” He caresses her cheek. “Or stopping by to say hi to a friend?”
Her breathing is labored as she fights for control. “You’re…” She bites her lip and stops him. “You’re thoughtful and sweet and…” She shakes her head and backs away. “You’re also underaged and I can’t…” She turns her back to him so he can’t see her struggle. “I just can’t…”

Alon nods slowly. “You’re right…” He walks slowly towards her while speaking. “I am only seventeen. My birthday is soon… very soon. Days away… then I will be eighteen, legal and an adult.” He pauses behind her. He kisses her shoulder. His arm slips around her waist. “When that time comes… I will take you in my arms.” He pulls her close. She closes her eyes gasping in surprise.
“Alon…” She moans softly as his hand slips lower to her hip.
“Yes…” He presses against her.
“Alon, I can’t…” She whimpers.
“Five days, Heather.” His hand rises across her flat belly stopping just below her breast. She whimpers. He exhales slowly. “Five very long days.” He kisses her shoulder again. “Until then, I respect your wishes.” He releases her and steps back. “Good night, Heather.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 05

Friday, February 18, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 03

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Magic was presented with options by The Don. Toots meets the teen and lays it on the line.


Heather pauses to stare at the package. She tilts her head sizing it; she steps closer and peers at the hand written note in big bold script. Upon the card is a name. Simply one name and that’s all. No indication who it’s from, just ‘Heather’. Heather bites her lip and stares at the package. She looks towards the apartment beside her and wonders if it is from the perv of apartment 3.

“Dinner was great.” Mitch gives her a grin. “So what do you have planned for tonight?”
“Planned? Um… nothing?” Christina shrugs. “I just got here and I honestly have no plans made. Is there something you’d like to do?” Christina bites her lip. Her eyes roam his body. He chuckles.
“Later I will definitely take you again. Right now, I need to get ready to go.”
“Go?” Christina’s shoulders sag with disappointment.
“Mhmm… duty calls. I’m part of the welcome wagon committee and my name got pulled for a visit. It was planned some days ago. I can’t get out of it.” He slips an arm around her waist. “I won’t be gone long. You won’t even miss me.”

Heather prepares her dinner. Her mind keeps wandering back to the package left for her. Maybe she should open it… there may be some more information inside the box. She forms the patties without thinking. Her hands work automatically.

“Aw man!” Heather sighs deeply as her dinner is burned. “I can’t even blame this one on Magic.” She takes the charred meat off the burner and stares at it. The smoke detector goes off.
“Ack!” She squeals and opens the apartment door to let the smoke out. She stares at the package still sitting out side her front door waiting for her. “This is ‘your’ fault.” She glares at the package for a moment longer before returning to her burnt dinner.

“You asshole, you scared me. How dare you walk in to my home uninvited?” Ruyb glares at him. “Now get out… get out of my house before I call-”
“Call? Who are you going to call Roobs? Hmm? The police? I’d like to see you call them. I dare you. And when they get here you know what I’m gonna tell them…”
“You wouldn’t…” Her resolve hardens.
“Try me.” He laughs. “You can’t even threaten me. I have all the cards…” He steps closer. Ruyb flinches and he smirks. His voice lowers threateningly. “That’s right, bitch. You ‘should’ be afraid of me.”
Her anger flares. Her eyes widen. “Afraid? Of you? You’re not even a man, Mando.”
His smirk drops. His hand flies back before it makes contact with her sending a shockwave of pain seering through her. She stands stunned. Her head spins. Her vision blurs. She hisses as her hand comes in to contact with her cheek. “Careful, Ruyb, think before you open your mouth again.”

“You’re a bastard.” Ruyb tries her best to stay calm. She feels her control slipping. She can’t let him get the upper hand. Her voice softens. “Get out. Just go, Mando.” She feels the tears burning behind her eyelids. She holds her cheeck refusing to look at him.
“Beg.” He smirks.
“What?” She shakes her head slowly back in forth.
“Beg me to leave…” Armando’s voice is once again low.
She crosses her arms defiantly she glares at him through her blurred vision. “Never…”
“You want me out… you’ll beg.” He laughs. “Oh I want to hear it… for old times. Come on, Roobs. Beg…”
She refuses to appease the beast. “Just leave already. Don’t you have other deliveries to make,” she holds her arms in front of her as a brave front. She prays silently that he doesn’t see her shaking, “delivery ‘boy’.”

“Back up, I haven’t agreed to help you.” Magic shakes her head. “But let’s say hypothetically that I do help you… what’s in it for me?” She smirks. “You fucking some women for my viewing pleasure isn’t enough incentive.”
Don grins. He grabs her around the back of her neck and pulls her forward off balance. She gasps and steps forward in surprise. Just that easily he has her within his grasp, his lips lightly brushing along the soft exposed skin of her shoulder up to her neck. He whispers throatily, “Oh but it won’t be me just fucking women.” He takes her earlobe between his teeth. “I will tend to your needs and occasional requests.”

He releases her and steps back. She stands unmoved staring at him. Her heart races and beats heavily in her chest. He runs his thumb across her bottom lip. She whimpers. “Will you help me?”
“I… I…” Magic swallows hard. Her eyes search his face. “It…”
Don nods slowly. “I’ll give you some time to think on this. I hope you decide to help me. Come on, walk me out…” He grins. “I’m surprised the girls haven’t come in looking for me.”
“Girls?” Magic slowly snaps out of it.
“The twins… I left them in the car. They have some silly welcome wagon thing they’re doing tonight after dinner.”
“Oh! Now I remember where I met that blond-” Magic bites her lip cutting off the rest of that thought.
Don chuckles. “Yes, that is why you know the girls. Come on…” He turns and walks towards the door.

“Hello?” Christina stiffens. “He’s unavailable. Who’s this?” She tilts her head in thought. “Oh. Um, no this is Christina… his girlfriend.” Her eyes widen. “He did?” She grins, her eyes light up and she looks behind her towards the stairs. Her voice takes on a wistful tone. “He did?” If it is at all possible Christina looks as if she simply melts. “Aw, he’s so sweet.” She nods. “Oh sure, I’ll tell him.” Christina giggles. “Oh, I’d like that. I’ll be sure to cook something real nice. Next week maybe?” She tilts her head before nodding again. “Okay, just let me know. Bye, Dina.”

He reaches his hands out to her and laughs when she stares at them. “I promise to give them back.” Hesitantly she places her hands in his. He gives them a squeeze. “It was a delight to finally meet you face to face… now that you know me, don’t be a stranger. You’re welcome to drop by most any time.” He winks.
Magic blushes and nods. “I would say the same, but I’m sure you would just come over any how…”
Don laughs. “Possibly.” He lifts one hand to his lips, kissing her palm. He winks at her again and walks away. “Night, Magic. Don’t take too long thinking about it. I’ve been known to grow impatient.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 04

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 02

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Heather has a close encounter of the insane tenant kind. Christina inhaled a lemon zest salad catching Mitch’s ire. Ruyb has a Chinese delivery gone awry.


“Hello?” Magic listens intently, her eyebrows arch, her eyes widen, her cheeks grow a warm pink and her hand clutches her bare throat. “No!” She flinches. She clears her throat. “I mean, now isn’t a good time. I’m about to turn in for the evening so maybe tomo-”

She bites her lip listening again. “I know that…” Her face is strained. “Well, yes…” She taps her foot. “I realize…” She lets her breath out slowly. “How did you get my phone number?” Her jaw tightens. She speaks through clenched teeth. “I’ll have to remember to thank her.”

“Tomorrow is…” She shakes her head. “No, to-” Magic stares at the phone for a moment before putting it back to her ear. “Hello?” She stares once more at the phone. Her eyes widen. “He wouldn’t…”

“Any time, day or night… I’d be here for you, your needs, your wants, your desires. Just tell me you love me.” Toots trails her finger nails along his skin. He moans entwining his fingers in her hair at the nape of her neck to claim her lips. She lets the kiss develop for a few minutes. His passion grows, his desire peaks. His kiss is hungry and urgent. She pulls back and licks her lips. “Tell me…”
He moans. “You vixen…”
She flicks her tongue along his lips. “Tell me…”
He growls hungrily. He pulls her to him. His teeth are at her ear. “You know I love you.”

She whimpers wrapping her arms around him, pressing against him kissing him back, matching his urgency. “I love you, Darren. Stay… move in with me. Bring the boy, just don’t say no.”
His hand takes to roaming her body, touching and exploring every curve. “Toots…”
She shivers in his arms. “I’m yours for the taking… are you man enough?”
He laughs heartily and tosses her back against the bed. “Oh you have no idea.”
“Move in… show me you’re the man I believe you to be…” Lifting her hips against him she teases him with her pleasures.

“How am I supposed to think while you’re seducing me?” Darren grins. His lips roam her body. She squirms beneath him.
“What is there to think about? I love you. You love me. The house is big enough for us. Your son will have his own room…” She whimpers and writhes. “We can… uhhhh… we can add… oh, another… mmmm… room for you… you… oh!”
He looks up at her with a questioning look. “For me?” He dips his head back to business before she can respond.
“Yes! Oh yes, a… a room for you… your… oh!” She lies back panting. He hovers over her waiting for her to speak. “Something… whew… I dunno, like an art studio.”
Darren laughs. “You do know my weaknesses.”
She shifts her hips teasingly. “Any woman in love knows her man.”

“You came. Even after I told you not to…” Magic looks at him stunned.
“Oh don’t act like that. I told you it wouldn’t take long. Besides it isn’t as if we’re strangers exactly.” He grins at her uneasiness and chuckles. His voice is even smoother in person. She fights not to bite her lip.
“You’re still a stranger, just because I happened to see-” Her mouth clamps shut refusing to voice what exactly she saw.
“Mmm… Dina is a hot little wench. Shame you missed the day before, I had her twin.” He laughs harder at her reaction. “I am sure you’ve been told already, for the record my name is Don… Don Lothario.”
She quirks an eyebrow questioningly at his announcement.
Don shrugs. “It’s a name I wear proudly and live up to as often as possible.”
“Why am I not surprised?” Magic smirks.

Don just grins. “At least I’m up front with my women. They know who I am. They know my reputation and go in to things with an open mind. Uh, most of them…” He brushes a few stray hairs from her brow and gazes in to her eyes. “Ever consider wearing contacts? You have amazing eyes.”
“I…” She swallows hard and lets out her breath. “Okay I uh… ya, I see now how those women can find themselves ensnared in your web.”
“You flatter.” He bows his head in a nod of gratitude. “Yet you give no name…”

“You’re serious.”
“Hey if you can be Lothario, I can be Magic.” She responds defiantly.
“Touche…” He chuckles and continues. “Now for the purpose of my intrusion in to your home. There is a woman-”
“You’re kidding me.”
“No… I have women, Magic, plenty of women that will fill your evenings with voyeuristic sexual fantasies but that’s not the point… one got away. I want her back…”
“What does that have to do with me?”
“You’re going to help me.”

“And if I don’t?” Magic shoots back at him. Who is he to demand her help?
“I move my activities indoors and invest in curtains.” He waits a beat.
She bites her lip in thought. Her voice is soft. She speaks more to herself than him. “Oh… well then…”
“It isn’t all that bad. I think you may even know her already which is why I come to you…”
Magic smirks and crosses her arms. “Oh so the mighty woman slayer, Don Lothario needs help wooing a woman back to his harem?”
“Ha! Never.” It’s Don’s turn to smirk which develops in to a laugh. “I don’t need help getting a woman’s attention. I don’t require your help to get me laid. We’ve already established I can fuck…” Magic blushes deeply. Don ignores it and continues. “She disappeared. She went off radar and changed her phone number. All I need is her number. I will get her back.”

“Will you relax? It’s just dinner.” She shakes her head chuckling. “I should be the nervous one.”
“I keep telling you, it’s not that simple. I haven’t really dated since his mom and…” Darren smiles at Toots. “I really want him to like you.”
“Don’t push too hard. Let him decide what is okay and what’s not and…” Toots shrugs. “If I have to… I’ll just wrestle him to the ground and smash his face in to the rug until he gives in.”
“You’d wha?” Darren blinks. The doorbell rings. Darren glances behind him then back to Toots nervously.
Toots laughs. “Oh relax… I was joking…” Darren kisses her cheeck and rushes for the door. “Kind of…”

“So you must be Dirk… I’m-”
“The woman who stole my father’s heart?” Dirk’s face gives nothing away. Deadpan, straight face, even his voice is rather monotone.
Darren groans. “Dirk, mind your manners.”
“He is being polite.” Toots’ smile doesn’t waiver. Her eyes sparkle. “Darren, would you be dear and give us a few minutes to get to know each other.”
Darren hesitates. “But…”
“Dirk is fine …” Toots’ eyes never leave Dirk’s as they measure each other silently.
“Ya, Dad. I’m good.” Dirk’s lip twitches.
Darren nods slowy and leaves the two alone. “I’ll be in the living room watching TV, I guess.”

Toots’ smile still in place she leans closer and lowers her voice. “You don’t fool me. You may have your father confused and twisted with guilt… for what I don’t know and really… I don’t care.” He raises his eyebrows. The corner of his mouth twitches again. “You aren’t some helpless little boy that needs his undivided attention. You’re some punk teen who’s playing his father. I happen to love that man… and I’m not about to let you hurt him.” Their eye contact remains as she stands straight.
“You aint gotta chance. You’re outta your league. You think you can just waltz in to this family and tell me who I am and how things are gonna go…” Dirk watches her half amused.
Toots scoffs. “Don’t mess with me kid. You won’t win.”
Dirk breaks a smile at last. “Bring it on, babe.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 03