Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toddler This: Ends?

“It’s time for ‘Toddler This’ again! Last time she tried to do this without me. I knew I’d be back.”
The off camera voice clears her throat yet it has no affect on our host.
“You see for yourself that she cant deny me. I’m Toots. I’m a force to be reckoned with…”
A disconcerting growl is heard from off camera.

Christina scratches her head in confusion. “So is the challenge over? I thought the kids all grew up. Why am I still here?”
Toots thinks for a moment. “Hmmm… if I remember right, the kids did grow up but then it all crashed. So she went basck to the last save where you had a couple of the kids still as toddlers. Aer and Keth both need to grow up still so that means you aren’t done yet.”
Christina sighs sadly, “Then where are the kids? I’m so confused.”

Toots folds her arms and thinks on this for a bit. “Well now, that is a good question. Tell me what you remember and maybe we can figure this out. Just as long as there is no math involved I’m with you on this.”

“I remember trying to get the last two toddlers trained before they transitioned.”
“Did you?”
Yes. Keth went ahead and grew up while she was still platinum but Aer didn’t, she waited.”
“Waited? Why?”
“The kids were in school and by delaying the last child’s transition she could squeeze a few more points in.” Christina shrugs. “I guess it’s because I lost so many earlier.”

“Then it happened… again.”
“What happened again?”
“The last toddler grew up. Last time Keth was the last toddler and this time it was Aer. As soon as she grew up she saved the game.” Christina smirks. “Guess she wasn’t taking any chances.”
“Oh so you did finish!”
“Yup. I did… which doesn’t explain why I’m still here.”
“Ya I don’t know.”
“So what was your final score?”

“Huh, good question… let’s see…”
“You’re not gonna make me do math are you?”
“Nah, okay so I last had a -21 and… wow, that’s bad. Then I called a nanny, which is -2 points. That nanny piddled herself twice that’s +2 points. -21 still… three more diaper changes, two babies pass out for -5 bringing me to -26…” Christina groans. “She’s gonna make me miserable for this isn’t she…”

Toots laughs, “Nah that 1 nice point will kick in. She knows you’ve suffered enough… erm unless the kids are gone because they were taken from the Social Worker. They weren’t taken by the Social Worker… were they? That would mean you failed and even that 1 nice point might not save you and it would explain why you’re still on that lot… alone…”

“What? No! I told you all seven grew up well, four of them in platinum and all seven were potty trained!”
Toots squeals and claps. “That’s good! Each toddler skill is 3 points per toddler, and each toddler that grows up well is another 3 points per toddler, oh and platinum, that’s good because each one of them gives you another 3 points each! That’s…”
“54 points so that gets me to 28 points! Oh this is good. What else do I get points for?”
Toots taps her lip in thought. “Skills… did they learn any? You know, like creativity… cooking, that sort of thing. You get a half a point for each of those kinds of skills.”
“No one got cooking, they are toddlers.” Christina thinks for a moment. “Yes, they all got a few skills. Let’s see, Ang has 3CeeCee has 5Keth has 3Kimmy has 4Lisa has 5Oydie has 3 and Aer has 4.”

“So that would be…”
Christina grins. “13 and a half more points. I now have 41.5 points!”

“Each and everyone of the girls got a quick makeover and then filed out the front door… something about petting the kitty.”
“Each of them?”
“Mhmm, Oydie, Lisa, CeeCee, Aer, Ang, Kimmy and Keth all ran out the front door.”
“To see a cat…”
“Ya, I don’t get that either. I mean, there were no cats in the yard. Just some weird looking statue.”

“Okay so that’s it for Toddler This! Thanks for reading along. Christina did surprisingly well considering her rocky start with an ending score of 41.5. We’re all proud of you. Until next time!”

“Whoa slow down. Where are my kids?”
“What do you mean gone?”
“They have each been put up for adoption.”
“But why? After all that she put me through in order to raise them… she’s just going to leave them in the adoption pool?

“Who knows?” Toots shrugs her slender shoulders and grins. “And really, that is it for Toddler This. The girls are in the adoption pool and part 1 of her 3 part ‘revenge challenges’ has at long last come to an end.” Toots waves to the camera. “See you next time!”

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Tracy said...

I wonder if I'm the only one that finds the "Part 1 of her 3 Part revenge challenges" chilling? :D

Christina said...

Whew, a positive score is good news. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up for part 2...

Anonymous said...

I think it's exciting! I love the dark places that my Roo's mind goes to!

Anjel76 said...

GAK!!! What's gonna happen in parts 2 and 3?!?!? O__o

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of her 3 Part revenge challenges? Should I be worried? Nah. I'm all caught up! Nothing can kill my platinum buzz :D