Thursday, July 1, 2010

‘This Asylum’ is underway

Sim music can be heard playing in its little simmy way. Nothing changes for a long while until a disgruntled voice breaks through. “Hey! My shirt is still missing!”
“Forget your shirt, what happened to my hair?”
“At least you don’t look like a freak!”
“Well there is that…”

“No, really I can’t.” She holds up a hand shaking her head stopping any rebuttal from him. “Think of it this way. If I were to cry out in the heat of passion, ‘Oh, oh yes, Mort, yes!’ It doesn’t have the same melodious ring if I were to cry out, ‘Oh… oh yes, yes, Mortimer, yesssss!’ See the difference? I think calling you Mortimer is much better.”
Ruyb flashes a suggestive smile at Mortimer as he suddenly shifts in the water. A voice clears her throat off screen, “Time to send your distraction home now. I think you’ve made him uncomfortable enough for one evening.”
Mortimer glances at the cameras as if he had forgotten their existence for a brief moment. His eyes widening ever so slightly as reality takes hold of him. Quickly he clears his throat regaining his composure. “Yes, quite right. I must be on my way. Hmmm… mind shutting the cameras off for a bit?”

The off camera voice directs the cameras across the street to allow Mortimer some small amount of privacy. “Heya, Toots.”
Toots looks up from her paper where she is perusing the want ads for employment in her field of choice. “Hey! Where have you been?”
“Peeling my simme off of your Mortimer, so what’s been going on?”
“Not much really and…” The realization of what was just said hits home as Toots gasps. “That hussy!”
The off camera voice chuckles, “Yes she is a romance sim, now focus on this side of the street please. What have you been up to?”

“Christina made it to the asylum.”
“It’s not like she had far to go.” Ruyb pipes in.
“Heeeey!” Christina protests.
“The asylum is across the street from the host house, ya goof.” Ruyb laughs.
Christina pauses momentarily, “Oh, right.”
“Nice of you to join us.”
Ruyb waves a dismissive hand, “Nothing to do over there now that Mortimer left. What did I miss?”
“Nothing yet. Toots was ab-”
“Hey, Roo?”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ruyb points at the puddle of possibilities.
“Naturally. You are my sim me after all.”
Christina blissfully splashes in the puddles oblivious of the conversation she is no longer privy to while HK has finished her bouncing in a few choice puddles in the backyard.

“Something did get struck by lightening. It just wasn’t Christina or HK. Christina took a huge hit in the aspiration department. Once she was done doing the ‘ack, fire’ dance, she dropped like a lead balloon into a mind numbing aspiration spiral of failure.”
Ruyb giggles at Toots, “The ‘ack, fire’ dance?”
Toots shrugs, “What else would you call it?”
Ruyb taps her chin in thought, “Huh… good point.”

“Days go by and the bills start to pile up unpaid. I wasn’t finding my job in law enforcement anywhere! So I had to resort to the highest paying job that started like now. I would get a promotion and every time I came home, I would look for another job. It took eight days before the right job finally came around!”
“On the bright side, you got quite a number of promotions and you aren’t hurting for money any more.”
“Let’s not forget, I look damn cute in uniform!”

Ruyb plops down on the ground, plucking mindlessly at the grass. “Did anything fun happen? I mean like… I dunno. Did any of the girls fight?”
“Other than me getting on Christina for breaking the shower… the girls get along great.”

“Boring…” Ruyb sighs. “Okay what about someone passing out or a piddle?”
“It was the weirdest thing, HK was going in the stall to yanno… only she came back out and wouldntcha know it? She piddled in front of the stall. I mean, you’re like ‘right’ there. Why come back out?”
Ruyb laughs. “Okay so that’s at least funny.”
“That’s not even the worse part… you’d think she would like, I dunno, shower! But nope, she went to bed, piddle stank and all.”
The women shudder, “Eeeeeew.”

“The women are all handling things in their own way and in some cases not handling things very well at all. I’ve tried stopping people that pass by to meet them and keep them occupied but that only helps for a little while.”

“How about fires?”
“Nope, no fires. You would think this was TS3 and they were all natural cooks or whatever that one trait was.”

“They do tend to eat green foods. Gross green with flies n stuff, only one of them has gotten food poisoning so far.”
Ruyb perks. “Oh?”

“Vicky got over it. Not sure how she managed that seeing how she didn’t sleep much or rest up like she should have.”
Ruyb sighs again, “Oh.”
Toots laughs, “You sound disappointed.”
She shrugs noncommittally. “Whatever.”

“Then you’ll be disappointed to hear that the garbage disposal broke but failed to kill me.”
The voice off screen breaks into the conversation. “I’m not. If you die, the challenge fails. I need you to survive.”
Toots smirks, “Your concern for my well being is almost touching.”
“It’s not like…” Her voice trails off. “Where did…”

“Shh… don’t frighten him off. He’s so sexy and I really like this one.”
“I can see by your two bolts, but that’s not the point, we’re in the middle of an update here!”
“The end of one you mean, nothing happened really. Toots got her dream job, she is a Desk Sergeant and no one died.”
Toots clears her throat to get their attention. “Actually…”

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This smoldering asylum


Tracy said...

Funny how when you *want* stuff to happen in an asylum challenge it doesn't.

Oh no, HK!! Deaths by old age shouldn't count, really!

Anjel76 said...

And this is why hk should be aged down. ;O)) Darn it all. Why do I feel like I missed a chapter. Did I?