Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to ‘This’ Asylum

The ever present simmy music plays obliviously in the background. Drumming fingers are heard while the cursor hovers indecisively. Giggling and carrying on can be over heard as the familiar sounds get louder. “Oh for the love of…”

“Ruyb…” The impatient off screen voice tries uncessfully to get the hosts attention.
There is a short pause in the festivities. “Did you hear something?”
“Nothing important I’m sure.” The pause ends and the woohoo continues. The off screen voice sighs and shoos the hesitant camera crew across the street.

“Seeing how the whole crew is now starving from lack of food during their ‘Ack, fire’ dancing and the deaths. I opted to have Toots call for Chinese take out rather than trying to get everything cleaned up and cooking something.” The off voice pauses to admire the scenery.
The take out delivery guy pauses as the camera stares at him. He glances at the camera and the drooling woman directing them with a questioning smirk. “Excuse me, I have a deliver to make.” He eases past the crew to ring the door bell. Immediately he is given a sizable tip in order for Toots to get acquainted with the manbeast.
“Oh thanks! Um… I will call you later and we can talk.” She glares at Roo who simply grins. “Apparently we’re meant to be friends.” She takes the tray of food and gives him an awkward smile before heading back in to the building. “Food’s here!”

“Toots is pretty hungry after her long day of work, her near death and the constant interruptions to what she wants to do as opposed to what I need her to do. Trouble is, she is blocking the food and now no one gets to eat except for her.” The off screen voice can be heard sighing.

“The next couple of days or rather nights we get visitors. Not necessarily the ones I’d like to have visiting but when it comes to the dead, I am not given a choice in the matter. They simply show up when it suits them. While at times they simply cry over the injustice of it all, other times they take their frustrations out on the one who started it all.” The off screen voice can be heard chuckling at Christina’s latest visitor.

Frustrated, the cameras pan back across the street. “Ruyb, are you going to do your hosting job at all this update?”
Ruyb snuggles in to his arms, sighing blissfully. The off screen voice can be heard growling. Ruyb lifts her head to grin, “I only promised to do last update. I got what I wanted. You’re on your own now.”
“I gave him to you. I can take him away.”
Ruyb grins confidently. “You like him too much. Now don’t you have an update to do?” Once again, Ruyb gets comfortable in his arms enjoying how her body fits perfectly to his. The camera crew heads back to the other side of the street sans director with the sounds of tempers flaring in the background.

“So I told her that I put her guildie on ignore because no one gets snarky with me about my toon. I mean if I want to play destro then that’s what I’m going to play and it’s not as if I asked for her opinion either. I mean she just IM’s me to nag me. I don’t play to get nagged at. I play to have fun and that wasn’t fun. So later she’s all, oh I know who that is and ya a lot of people don’t like her because she does that. And um… oh ya? Hmmm… okay so I’ll talk to you later then.” Toots stares at the camera crew as she hangs up. “What?”
The cameraman simply shrugs silently and Toots sighs. “So I just talked to the fireman guy and the take out food guy. We’re friends enough that I can invite them over to get a better look at them. I dunno… neither one of them impressed me much.”

Ruyb’s voice suddenly comes across. “Toots was indeed meh over the Chinese take out guy which I think is hilarious. Roo was so annoyed and growling at Toots. Not that she listened or anything. Thing is when she invited the fireman over she was even less impressed with which had me cracking up. Two guys Roo wants for her to hook up with and Toots isn’t even remotely interested!”

“On the other hand Mitch was throwing some pink hearts at Christina so Toots took the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with them both. This way she started the ground work for their friendship. Who knows if more will come of it? I mean we have ACR still so anything can happen!”

“One day Toots actually brought someone home from work. Her first time and she brings home Aman Sim.” Ruyb smirks. “Roo cant stand him. Naturally she was growling at Toots again. Its not as if the woman can pick who she brings home. Anyhow she introduced him around to the other women and then had an at home outing.” There is a short pause as a thought occurs to Ruyb. “Yanno, while he was there he talked with Christina for a long while and even gave her something. It didn’t go in Toots’ backpack so Im not sure if it’s a stereo, television or a computer but still… if she dies does it go to someone else?”
“Ruyb! No one else is going to die.”
“Uh huh… that’s what you thought when you started phase 2. No one is gonna die.” Ruyb laughs at the off screen voice. “Famous last words.”

Ruyb scoffs. “Family sims. Any how she had plenty to celebrate. She is now promoted to Lieutenant. I think that’s level 7 in her career so she’s almost done.” Ruyb gets a look at Amin’s profile. “Now that is some nose.”

“So life goes on for the four ladies. Sorry this is such a short update but there weren’t any more… well, okay there was one more fire but it was small and it was started by Toots. That got put out rather quickly. See you next time. And remember… ‘This’.”

Lisa said...

ruyb is such a naughty girl! i still wanna know who she's bopping.

ooo, chinese delivery dude is not bad. mebbe toots needs glasses?

amin is such a putz. he even looks snarky while he's giving christina her gift.

toots! why'd ya start another fire? didn't ya think there was enough drama last week??

DebC said...

Christina better watch the ghosts, or she might be joining them!

Anjel76 said...

ruyb may be naughty, but she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it ... and KEEP it! HAHAHA!!

Man, if she doesn't want the Chinese food delivery guy, I'LL be MORE than happy to take him off of her hands. *wiggles eyebrows* She can have the fireman.

Kethwyn said...

I understand why Toots isn't too keen on Mitch. He's a romance sim and she's family; they aren't normally attracted to each other. Maybe it's the "happy home from work" dance. *chuckle* But you'd think she'd want to get a firefighter into the family, as a precaution against future fire related catastrophes. Although she might want to jump for the delivery guy too. He's cute and if ruyb sees him she's likely to order take out and not let him leave. ;)