Friday, January 28, 2011

What’s ‘this’, too?

“I’m hoooooooome, I’m faaaaaaaabulous!” Toots sings her heart out to the clouds and anyone within hearing distance. “Life is graaaaaaaaand, and I’m so haaaaaapy!”
“Family sim…” The off screen voice sighs heavily. “Oy, JLo… the girls are gone. Well most of the girls are gone, you need to go out back and send the rest away so you can start Phase 3.”
“What?” Toots looks around in confusion. “Where are all the cameras? What do you mean they’re gone and what ‘is’ Phase 3?”
“Markers, Toots. Move the markers.”

Toots heads out back towards the far corner of the lot. The unhappy headstones glare at her accusingly in the bright sunlight. She pauses long enough to sigh softly. “Sorry I failed you ladies. I mean it wasn’t totally my fault, if Christina hadn’t fallen asleep while cooking and…” She sighs again. “Maybe we can get someone to college and have them call and find one of the death phones to bring you guys back.”
“Or maybe not…”
Toots jumps. “Gah! I forgot you were still here. You scared me.”
The off camera voice snorts, “Some Captain Hero…”
“Oh ha. Ha.” Toots wrinklers her nose and begins the process of sending the headstones to a community lot. “You forgot to put a downtown, there is no cemetary.”
The off screen voice sighs heavily. “Just send them some where else. We’ll deal with their final resting place later.”

One by one the headstones poof in a puff of smoke to an undisclosed destination, one by one the ghosts said their good-byes. Toots takes a cleansing breath. “That was harder than I thought it would be. It’s like losing them all over again.”
“Ya well, I need you to have your lot back and to yourself. It is time for Phase 3.”
“What is phase 3 any way?” Toots crosses her arms and shifts her weight.
“Uh… hmm… good question. Phase 3 is um…”
“You don’t know.” Toots chuckles. “Woman, what are you planning?”
The off screen voice starts walking away. “Call your man. Start living! Take care, Toots.”

Heather smiles. “It’s perfect. I’ll take it.”
Ed nods his disinterest. “Aint that grand? Okay so no pets, no late night parties and the rent is due on the first. Not the second, not the fifth, the first.”
Heather nods eagerly. “Got it, rent is due on the first.
“And I don’t care when the first is neither… cuz I’ll be here even on a weekend ta collect it if I gotta.” He scratches his chest and watches her silently.
“I’m sorry… what does that say here?” Heather points to the small print.
“It says that you acknowldge that I have the right to enter the apartment in order to fix what’s broke.” He crosses his arms chomping on his gum waiting impatiently. “Just sign.”
Heather takes a deep breath and signs on the dotted line biting back a whimper of excitement.

The landlord grumbles under his breath and walks away clipboard in hand.
“Um… bye!” Heather hesitates a moment. She looks at the keys in her hand and lets her breath out slowly. She hadnt realized she was holding her breath that whole time. Well now what? I rented a furnished apartment… I’m on my own… and… she sighs. I wonder what Christina and Magic are doing.

Hmm… it’s a cute place. The neighbors seem neat and tidy. It’s kind of small but then I don’t have anyone living with me and… Oh. My. Yummy.

Magic watches her neighbor on his roof. She swallows hard and licks her lips. Her heart accellerates as she watches him. Tall man, lightly hairy chest, dark hair, mustache and a confident grin. She pouts as he’s joined by a blond bombshell. Rivited to the spot she feels that familiar excitement sparked again when he takes the blond fully dominating her. “Wow…”

“1, 2, 3, 4, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at my door.” Where is he? He’s going to be so upsest with me. He won’t know where I am. Darn that Magic!

Maybe I’ll get a cell phone. At least then I will know how to let him know where I am. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell him about this idea. Maybe then he’ll be proud of me for thinking about that instead of focusing on why I didn’t wait for him. Christina sighs and misteps. Her jumprope hangs lifelessly from her hands.

Ruyb stands before her new home. She looks around without moving much still trying to get her balance. She takes a hesitant breath and lets it out slowly. “Now what?”
“Now you live out the rest of your days… here.” He walks up behind her slipping his arm around her waist. “With me.”
She gasps practically jumping out of her skin. “You startled me.” She leans against his hard chest. “Hmmm, it can’t be that simple… can it?”

Releasing her he turns her to face him. His smile is sincere as the gazes in to her eyes. “We’re talking about Roo. Is anything ever that simple?”
“You… you know?” Ruyb blinks repeatedly in shock. “How?”
He shrugs and chuckles. “I gave my consent to the change in order to be more attracted to you. Not sure why the bolts were that important but there it is. Still, we won’t remember much longer. The moment we step in the house and Phase 3 is official on its way our memory of Roo is gone.”
Ruyb’s eyes light up. “Race you to the house!”
He laughs heartily. “Don’t you want to know what Phase 3 is first?”
“It involves living my life with you. That’s all I need to know.”
He caresss her cheek lightly, “You’re such a romantic.” She blushes deeply. “Phase 3… it’s a bit of fun for Roo, a bit of drama for us, and an askewed version of propserity style play with a hint of soap opera.” He slides his hand to the back of her neck, intertwining his fingers in her hair pulling her head back while pulling her closer. He lowers his lips to hers. His breath is hot on her skin. “Starting sims are the survivors and the host. Each has a home and a life to lead. We tell our own story…” He kisses her softly. “There is only one rule.”
She licks her lips watching his as he speaks. “Oh? What is this one rule?”
“Adoption. Each household must adopt a girl. Once the last toddlermania girl is adopted and grows up, Phase 3 is done.”

Cyd dips her, taking her by surprise. She lets out a squeal and laughs. “Ready, lover?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Ruyb laughs happily. “Phase 3, please for the love of all that’s evil and unholy take me you stud!”
Cyd laughs, sweeps her off her feet and carries her in to the house. “Crap. We have no bed.”
A loud thunk is heard as her feet hit the floor. “Improvise…”

Getting ‘this’ started


MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Awesome, I love how Toots was coming home..."I'm faaaabulouse!"I nearly spewed soda every place. Can't wait for more!

CeeCee said...

YAY!! They survived and escaped!!

Congrats Toots, Christina, Heather, and Magic you made it and can have a real life now. :-) (and yeah, I'm aware of the irony of telling sims they can have a "real" life)

*giggles at Heather's nervousness and Magic's voyeuristic endeavors*

Please tell me that is Mitch coming up the walk behind Christina. Please??

Oh, cool. Phase three should be interesting. Prosperity challenges with each of the asylum survivors? And adopting the toddlers? Cool idea.

Anjel76 said...

Roo just likes to make folks nervous. She gets a kind of sadistic pleasure out of watching the discomfort of her sims. *snicker* Can't wait to see how things go for this new prosperity hood!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

It's too bad that painting in the background of shot #1 didn't get finished. It looked like a neat picture.

Poor Christina. I'm glad Magic is trying to look out for her. Ooo, Mitch! *claps*

*snickers at Ruyb's response of what she's reading* Ooo, that was kinda mean of you! *giggles*

Did Magic steal her whole bedroom set or something, the way she's struggling? *grins* Wait, they're kidnapping Christina? I thought Mitch was going to take her away from the asylum? Just WHAT is Magic up to? *peers*

Congrats on the new apartment, Heather! *claps* And Magic is a voyeuer. *giggles*

Hopefully Cyd will help Ruyb settle into her new life. :) Nice house they've got too! Heheh, okay, I like her man! *claps* And I love the idea of Phase 3. :D