Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bloopers and funnies...

Some funny things that have no place in the story

Dustin Broke was caught sneaking out with his girlfriend. The next day he still has the cuffs on... sort of. Fitting accessory for a boy in the crime career.

Neat trick. Lilith is picking up Dirk to sneak out and she is delivering a gift for a previous dream date... I know she has a twin but really dont think she would do her this kind of favor.

Not only is everyone still awake, the girls have company! Sadly the cop lost the fight and she got away with their hot tub. What are the Caliente twins w/o their hot tub?!

Don and Cass were smooching and posing for pictures when Cassandra's great grandfather decided to scare the piss out of Don... literally. *snicker snorts*

*blinks* There are no ghosts on this lot.. so what is with the haunted trash can?!

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CeeCee said...

*giggles* Dustin just loved the feel of the cuffs on his wrists, I guess.

Ummm... *does double take* Ummm, Lilith? Is there something we should know?