Tuesday, February 8, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View…
We were introduced to the households. Toots pledges her heart to Darren who is still holding a torch for Cassandra. Mitch sends mixed signals to Christina about her landing on his doorstep. Heather tries to come to terms with her newly found inner cougar. Ruyb promises Cyd she will be faithful, not surprising Cyd is skeptical. Magic is called out for her voyeurism.

Heather lays her head back and exhales. She relaxes in the bubbling hot water. She sighs softly as a range of emotions cross her face.
“So, you’re the one, huh.”
Heather sits up stunned. She stares silently at the woman for a moment. “Say again?”
“I’m La Shawn. I live in Apartment 2.” The woman simply stares at Heather. No expression, just stares… waiting.
“I uh… I’m-” Heather’s mouth clamps closed as she’s rudely cut off.
“Heather… ya, I heard.” La Shawn stares at Heather. Her eyes bore a hole through her.
“Heard? I believe you have me at a disadvantage here… care to explain?” Heather’s eyes show strain around the edges yet her demeanor remains unchanged until she sighs.
La Shawn scoffs her tone is dripping with sarcasm. “The landlord told us we got a new tentant. The paper kid, Alon said you’re super nice and the guy in 3 caught a glimpse of you and went on and on about how gorgeous you are and I swear if I had to hear one more description of your bedroom brown eyes I was going to puke.”

“Wait who said what? I don’t even know the guy in 3. You’re the first tenant I’ve met.” She frowns at La Shawn. “Such a charming introduction as this is, I don’t see why you’re taking out your frustration on me.”
“Manners? Hmmm… Alon is right, you are nice. We’ll see about ‘super’.” La Shawn smirks. “As for the old perv in 3, don’t worry about him. He’s a voyeur. He watches… everyone… always.”
“Always?” Heather frowns.
“Mhmm… if you’re worried just keep your curtains closed.”

Christina smiles to herself while chopping the salad. She lets out a huff of air that blows her bangs up and out of her eyes. “Whew…”
Somewhere in the background the sound of water running is heard. It is distant and muted. From seemingly nowhere a man’s deep voice begins singing. His singing is also muted and occasionally garbled. She bites her lip giggling.

Christina sits at the table with two plates. She glances impatiently in the general direction of upstairs. She takes a small bite. “Oh that’s good…” She glances up the stairs again. She stares at her plate. She takes another bite and another and another. She smiles, closes her eyes and sighs happily.
Quietly he descends pausing at the foot of the stairs to watch her. He shakes his head with a soft chuckle. She pauses, fork in mouth and turns her head noting he’s watching.

Without a word Mitch sits at the table. His hair is slightly damp giving the impression of someone fresh from the shower. Slowly she pulls her fork from her lips and smiles feigning innocence. He smirks in response and glances at her empty plate. “Hungry?”
“I uh… was.” She sets her fork down and gives him an apologetic shrug.
He chuckles and takes a bite. “Nice use of lemon zest.” He takes another bite and chews appreciatively.

Ruyb glances out the window. “Oh yum… food…” She bites her lip and backs quickly away from the window. The doorbell rings and she whimpers. She looks around panicked. She wipes her palms on her pants. She swallows hard. She stares at the door with a pained look. She clutches her stomach groaning as the doorbell rings again.

La Shawn taps her chin for a moment. “So the guy in 1 is okay. I mean, he has his moments of oddness, but then who doesn’t? Am I right? It really is just that guy in apartment 3 that you have to even worry about. Now if I remember the layout of your apartment you only have maybe a kitchen window that he can see in to clearly and then of course whenever you’re out here.” She looks behind her towards the balcony of apartment 3. “He will be happy to watch you out here. It is his favorite thing. I used to date the guy in your apartment, probably why I’m not exactly happy you’re living there and-”
“Do you ever breathe?” Heather stares at the woman horrified.

“I…” La Shawn stares at Heather as if she sprouted an extra head. “Wha?”
Heather shrugs. “Breathe… I mean really you’ve been going on for a good twenty minutes I was starting to get concerned that you’d lose oxygen and pass out. Then I’d have to save you from drowning.”
La Shawn’s bottom lip begins to quiver. “That’s why he broke up… I talk too much. He said if he didn’t leave the building I’d drive him to insanity…”
“Ouch …” Heather sighs heavily. “Listen I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just have had a pretty stressful move and was trying to relax-”
La Shawn half shouts half cries. “You rented a furnished apartment! How stressful can moving in be? Alon was wrong. You’re not nice… you’re mean. Mean!”
La Shawn stumbles from the hot tub towards her apartment. Heather closes her eyes half grins and lays her head back.

Mitch pauses and stares at the empty chair. Christina rinses off her plate. “I’m glad you like it. It’s not a heavy meal and yet still filling.”
“Christina…” Mitch continues to stare at the vacated seat.
“Hmmm?” Christina turns off the water after washing her fork and plate. She dries her hands on the kitchen towel and glances at him. She tilts her head at him questioningly. “What’s wrong?”
“While I don’t begrudge you starting without me, it is rude to simply walk away from the table. You need to come back and sit with me while I finish my dinner.”
“I need…” She stares at the empty chair.

She watches him in confusion yet sits down quietly. He simply nods and takes a bite. “What do you intend to do with yourself now?”
“Do… well, I’ve always wanted to go in to design and there are some on line courses…” She pauses with a strained look on her face. “Mitch?”
“Mhmm?” He takes another unhurried bite.
“You really expect me to sit with you while you eat?”
He finishes chewing and lowers his fork to the table. “Yes. Is there a problem with me wanting your company at the table while we dine together as a couple?”
Christina visibly softens. “Oh… that… that’s so sweet.”

Mitch continues to eat. “On line courses… I suppose that could work.”
Christina nods enthusiastically. “Yes, there are on line schools that will even help with job placement when openings are made available.”
He chews slowly before making eye contact again. “Excellent. I got fired today.”

The doorbell rings again. Ruyb takes a deep breath whips open the door and forces a smile on her face. “Oh, great! Thanks, I’ll just take that.”
A slow smile spreads across his face. “So that’s how it’s going to be now, huh…” He hands her the tray. He glances at the house and back to her. “New digs? Who’s the mook?”
Ruyb struggles to keep a pleasant smile on her face. “He’s not a mook. He’s a wonderful man with morals… something you’d know nothing about.” Her smile fades. She glares at him as he continues to grin. “Go away. Now.”

Ruyb turns on her heel retreating back in to her home. The Chinese delivery guy follows. The door clicks closed muffling the sound of a scream.

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 02


Anonymous said...

So is the girl in the hot tub named La shawn or Carmen?
*wonders why Mitch & Christina are eating in their undies*
And if La Shawn/Carmen lives in 2, who's the guy in 2? *is confuzzled*
*snerk* Mitch's crack is hanging out of his shorts.
*wonders about christina & why Mitch seems to like what I perceive as putting her down*
Rut roh! I hope Ruyb's guy doesn't come home & find the chinese delivery guy there. *chews nails* I hope Ruyb doesn't do anything with the Chinese delivery guy.

*wonders if the sad panda is gone now?*

CeeCee said...

Oh my. Poor Heather. Her neighbor seems a little confused and over-the-top, doesn't she? First Heather is nice and then she's mean? Whatever chick!

Is it wrong of me to smile at Christina's enjoyment with her salad making skills? And Mitch got fired?!?! Ouch.

Poor Ruyb. I'm guessing there was a reason she was afraid to answer the door. EEP!!

Roo said...

Thanks Lisa, I wrote the update using the name Carmen because I thought that was her name. It wasn't until I went back in game to find out her name is La Shawn Carmon or something like that... I started to change the names and obviously didn't get very far with that. And yes, oops La Shawn is in 2 and the okay guy is in 1.
I really need to proof my writing better and take better notes!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*stares at La Shawn* What? You're pissed at Heather because she's beautiful and you're not? It's not HER fault if the only way you can draw attention is if there's no competition. *dismisses the beeyotch*

*giggles at Christina* That's okay, sometimes I don't wait for my hubby either before scarfing down my food. ;)

*frowns at Ruyb* What's up with the panic attack? It's just delivery food. (Or is it the delivery guy?)

*rolls her eyes at La Shawn* Apparently she can't even get attention if there isn't competition. *snickers*

*raises one eyebrow at Mitch* She NEEDS to come back and sit at the table? You could have ASKED her to come back and keep you company. She doesn't HAVE to sit there though, just because you took a very long shower. *blinks* Well, that's a nice way to give her bad news... *frowns*

HA! I guess it was the delivery guy after all. *snickers* ACK! Wait, what?!? I'm hoping that was just a scream of outrage. Or a scream of surprise. Not a scream of pain. Dude, what the heck, just walking in uninvited!

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Awesome update, I liked the little talker....and have we seen the guy in 3 yet? is he an old fart, or is he hunky?

bwahahah she hit him in thethejo face with the door! What did he think she was gonna let him just come in and have another go? Stupid men.!

Anjel76 said...

.......... O___O ..........!!!