Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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“I’m back! Not for ‘Toddler This’ aptly named by Lisa, but to answer some questions.” Jenn stops to stare at the voice off screen, “No one asked any questions.”
“Sariana asked what happened to Over There.”
Jenn waves a dismissive hand, “That is one question you could have answered in LL, you’re just feeding your own ego.”
“Yup, now read the teleprompter.”

“Some of you may remember Roo’s epic fail-”
“Hey! No ad-lib.”
Jenn giggles and continues, “So the LL girls in Over There. She bit off more than she could chew and was in the process of thinning the herd if you will.”

“Enter the blond. She was to be a pied piper, a guru, the healer of the lovelorn, and a beacon of light to the lost. A background lottery had been cast and a few key to non-key players would be drawn to this woman. Some would be lost to her, others would use her, all would be used by her. In the end she would slink out of town as mysteriously as she arrived leaving a compound of bodies and a mystery.” Jenn giggles again, “I am… or was the mystery woman. Ruby named me TaTa, rather appropriate if you’re familiar with my BY antics.”

“The whole OT story revolved around a few key players who revolved around each other. A huge wedding for Oydie and Elmer, two missing men, a dead body, a double agent, a stalker, a slew of accused and eventually a trial. Who, what, why, where… ah the web we weave… or more accurately the one she botched.”
“What did I say about ad-libbing?”
“I didn’t, its right there.” Jenn points to the teleprompter. Someone laughs, another screams, someone gets fired.
“Try again.”

“So where do we start? How about the dead body? That triggers a lot of the drama. You’ll be happy to hear the dead body was to be none other than the most hated man in OT, our own failed Casanova, Abhijeet.”

“First suspect is naturally, Brooke, along with the man madly in love with her Orlando.”

“Who else is on the accused list? Lisa, Forrest and Max. Forrest was the mascot who married Shawna who had an affair with Abhijeet back in college. Max is engaged to Kimmy who, yup you guessed it, had an affair with Abhijeet. Lisa, being Brooke’s sister and a rising politician couldn’t stand her choice in men because Abhijeet used to abuse Brooke. They would later all be cleared in one way or another, Lisa’s career takes a back seat and she finally marries Trevor and gives him the kids he’s been hoping for.”

“Sariana never does marry Pao, he’s one of the devoted. She ends up finding the dead bodies long after I split. Naturally the police don’t believe she found them in this state and is arrested.”

“Ricky goes missing, much to the dismay of George. Turns out he was killed accidently by the kids he kidnapped and held hostage in his home.”

“Heather ended up owning the club 100% and ran it wonderfully. She becomes a fab business woman and soon branches out to call girls becoming a Madame.”

“Tracy finally tries to tell Joe about the baby, he wants to believe her… they seek counseling only to find me.”

“CeeCee and Mitch were disgustingly happy. She couldn’t figure out what to do to cause them drama. She tried pulling Mitch in to the stalker story line but it fizzled.”

“Which brings us to Keth. No matter how hard she tried to deny him, she fell hard for her new roomie Rueben.” Jenn waggles her eyebrows, “Can you blame her?”
The voice clears her throat.

“We cant talk about Keth without bringing up Aerowyn who finally realizes what they had was beautiful but best left in college. No, she didn’t fall for Vasyl, she did on the other hand seek counsel… You get the picture.”

“Speaking of Vasyl, he was my vessel. He brought many to me… like Deb, Angelia and her man, Geoffrey. Even Elmer gave in to me at one point.”

“Elmer… he was the one who held OT together. He was the man it all tied back to. Oydie was blissfully ignorant of most of his business. She knew what went on in the restaurants and stores yet had no idea what else he did. Until…”

“His competitor got to our sweet Oydie.”

“Was that everyone? Kimmy, Shaunna and Lynn didn’t have much going on with them directly. Suzi had her farm and Gilbert so that leaves… the killer. The one who did all the killing for Elmer when he didn’t want to his men to be implicated, the hired gun, the professional, the one no one thought to even question…”

“Living happily in a modest apartment on the outskirts of town… after all, who would suspect a pregnant woman of being a cold blooded killer?”

Toddler This begins


Anjel76 said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! You wrapped up Over There nice and tight with a bow, rubes!!! And the killer ... why does it not surprise me. :O)) I'm sad that we didn't actually get to see all da dramaz ... but ... thanks for this synopsis. :O)

kimbalaya said...

I agree - very nice wrap up!

DebC said...

I died!???!!? *sobs*

LOL! Great way to wrap up Over There for us!

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't suspect Ruby of being the killer, but I would believe that of her! *runs away laughing*

sarianastar said...

BUAHAHAHAHA Sariana got arrested. wrong place, wrong time. Sheesh. Ruby a killer?!? HAH I wouldn't have guessed, but then her typist IS a rather devious sort. :snicker: Thanks for the synopsis. i really enjoyed OT, glad to see the ends tied up nice and tight there. :)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*giggles* You expect JENN not to ad-lib? *snorts*

*reads Jenn's description of her role in Over There* Is she ad-libbing again? *grins*

Heh, yeah, I'd say Roo botched that one!

GOOD GRACIOUS!! The lives these poor simmies had in Over There! Heartache, betrayal, false arrests, prostitution... *boggles*

Woot! *cheers CeeCee and Mitch* Glad they managed to avoid Roo's maniacle machinations.

Nope, don't blame her at all. Rueben is hot! Aww, I wound up alone. *sniffles sadly*

*gasps* Shame on you, killing all those innoce.... yeah, no. Can't quite work up the appropriate amount of shock and surprise. *snickers*

That's for the lovely wrap-up, Ruby! :-D

CeeCee said...

Ahhhh, so THAT'S what happened.

*goes back to notes* Nope, my nearest guess as to the killer was Professor Plum in the Library with the pipe wrench. Once again, I was no where close to the truth. *sighs*