Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome, Take 2

“She looks familiar… is that…”
The voice from off screen confirms her suspicion, “Yes. Only don’t worry she’s leaving.”
“I’m not really worried. At least not about her…” She glances over her shoulder at the departing woman and then at the one off screen. “I am however concerned about my role here.”

“You’re the host.”
“Me? Really? You pulled me in to your game to make me the host?” Jenn pauses to absorb this information and grins. “Nice. I finally get to talk, no more running around naked seducing men that you want killed off, dancing around naked to entertain men of Over There…” She pauses and frowns. “Wait, that was fun. Can I go back?”
“Sorry Over There has been destroyed by some freak act of nature.”
“You deleted the hood.”
“Um… yes.”

“Okay, you deleted Over There and made me a host… of what exactly?”
“Um… my fun little revenge against some of the LL minionettes.”
“EO won’t stand for it.”
The voice chuckles, “Yes she will. It’s evil and underhanded.”
“Providing you survive…”

“Wait so this means, I’m not part of the revenge. Sweet! I um… what did they do?”
“Read the cue card.”
Jenn reads the card aloud, “Hello, Minionettes! Some of you know me as JennM and others know me as Toots. I am your host to Roo’s LL Minionette Mini-Challenge Blog. First volunteered minionette is our very own Christina for ‘this’.” Jenn does the quote fingers as she reads the word ‘this’ and stares blankly at the off camera voice. “What is ‘this’ and why is Christina in trouble for it?”
“She isn’t really. She was just the first of many to enjoy ‘this’ too much.”

“How can anyone enjoy anything too much? Life is full of strife and heartache and the nasty bad economy and you’re worried about ‘this’ whatever that is?”
“Yanno, if you’d come around LL more often you’d know what ‘this’ is…”
“And I’d probably be on one of your revenge hit lists, no thanks! I’d like to stay on your good side. You can be a real brat sometimes.”
The voice pauses in reflection. “Well said. Any how please… continue.”

“Christina you have earned ‘this’ and we couldn’t be prouder of you.”
Christina folds her arms defiantly, “You can’t scare me.”
Jenn continues, “Seeing how you weren’t alone in ‘this’, you will be joined by a few of the others that were kind enough to jump on the ‘this, ditto’ bandwagon.”

“Joining you is Keth…”




“Actually, Kristen didn’t give me her sim self so she has been replaced.”

“The part of Kristen will be played by Angelia…”


“And Lisa.”
Christina can be heard off screen, “I’m still not scared.”

The cackling voice off screen rings through the room, “You should be…”

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Oydie said...

[Q]Christina can be heard off screen, “I’m still not scared.”[/Q]

pirate-librarian said...

Cackling with laughter and so glad she (so far) isn't on Ruby's hit list.

OMG, I was laughing so hard it triggered a coughing fit... I almost coughed up a lung and had tears in my eyes.

Kethwyn said...

*giggles maniacally*
*giggles some more*

Well, she did volunteer...

Love toddler Lisa's expression.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I wasn't part of the "this/ditto" crowd (but I did think about it). Roo asked me if she could torture my sim-self.

ruby said...

You ladies crack me up.
Oydie you arent meant to be frightened, so I'm glad you arent scared.
Tracy.. *grins* um.. ya...
Yes Keth she did.. not for this but she did volunteer!
*hugs Lisa* Yes I did ask and then remembered that I have seen you do This. before .. just not since I said something.

kimbalaya said...

bwhahahaha!!!!! I almost choked on my soup!

Anjel76 said...

I'm playing the part of Kristen?! *ROTFLMAO* Oh, oh, ruby ... you SLAY me! *ROTFLMAO* And now we've all be "baby-fied". O__o

DebC said...

They're toddlers!

This is gonna be good!

Christina said...

Well, this sure came back to bite me in the rear... :D

Anjel76 said...

And I never used "this" or just plain old "ditto". I will admit to using "Ditto what what [so and so] said". :OD)) *bats lashes at ruby* *ROTFLMAO*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hehehe, I don't blame Jenn for wanting to go back to the fun. *grins* Pfft, anything evil the EO joyfully approves of, Jenn. ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG, getting punished for "this." Priceless!! *high fives Christina*

*tries not to chortle too loudly at the list of those being punished for "this"*

Oh, my, Christina... those are a whole lotta babies you've got there. *blinks* Do the outfits all have everyone's names on them? *giggles*

*makes a face at Lisa and Ange, trying to get out of trouble by pretending not to "this" and "ditto" and so on*

CeeCee said...

EEP! *gulp* What, me worry?

I'm super-late to the story line but no, I'm not worried. (much)