Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toddler This begins

“Welcome back to ‘Toddler This’.” Jenn flashes her Barbie perfect dazzling smile. “Okay enough of that. Listen, I know most of you think Roo forgot about this ‘revenge’ she has planned. Well it isn’t true. She just tends to get side tracked with things like WoW and… well she… no pretty much just WoW. And I’ll have you know it’s a good thing too because I need emblems so don’t try to take her away from me too often.”
The voice chuckles, “You’re ad-libbing again.”
“Yes. Well, I don’t care, they need to know.”
“Okay, can we move on?”
“Ya sure…”

“We began this challenge by creating a family unit of one adult and seven toddlers.”
“Aw, the babies are adorable.” Christina tickles CeeCee while babbling nonsensical baby talk gibberish. CeeCee giggles and wriggles in her arms, beaming up at her with her toothy grin.
The voice chuckles, “You say that now…”
Christina balks, “I’ll say that later too, you’ll see.”

“Once created, they are then unceremoniously dropped on to an empty lot, given a motherlode or three and a toddler rearing factory is created.”
Christina perks up. “So I don’t have to work?”
Toots raises an eyebrow. “Seriously? You aren’t even allowed to leave the lot. Besides, you’ll be much too busy taking care of the seven toddlers in your care to worry about menial things like sleeping, eating, and fun let alone something as mundane as work.”
The voice chimes in, “You’re going to wish you were allowed to work, it would be easier.”
Christina scoffs in disbelief. “You make it sound hard, but I know you… you just like the drama.”
“Can I continue?”
Christina grins. “Sure!”

“Christina has been changed from her chosen aspiration to fortune. Roo hopes her wants for things will keep her a bit happy and not nutty. We’ll have to see if her strategy works or backfires.”
“I wish to make some money.” Christina blinks, “Wait… I do?” She reflects for a moment and nods, “I do… and I wish to make at least §100.”
The voice sighs, “You also wish to play with Lisa and Aer. So go do that instead.”
Christina perks. “Oh yay!”
“Can we just mute her? She keeps interrupting me.”
The voice laughs, “Maybe later…”
“So anyway… that’s Keth in Christina’s arms. Along the sidewalk is CeeCee, Aer, Kimmy, Lisa, Ang, and Oydie.” Jenn tilts her head, “Didn’t we already introduce them?”
“Sure as adults, now they get to see how freaking adorable they are as toddlers. Oh and just FYI, I changed only two toddler’s looks. Keth’s infant hair was black instead of brown and Kimmy was bald. I just couldn’t handle that.”

“The toddler rearing factory has been built and-”
“Ugh, its ugly and empty! I’ve seen your houses, they usually look better than this. Now you’re just being cruel!” Christina scowls at the voice off screen.
“Not really. You’re a fortune sim for a reason. You’ll want things to fill the house. I’m counting on it.”
Jenn waits impatiently for the two to stop speaking so she can continue. “Roo bought a toy and every toddler is thrilled.”

“Okay that’s just adorable.”
It can be. Except when I need them to do something. Then I have to wait for them to stop being so ‘adorable’ and do what is required. It can run havoc with the smooth running of a toddler rearing factory.”
Christina tickles Lisa. “Oh! I wish I had a toilet, refrigerator and a bathtub!”
“Bingo! This is why you’re a fortune sim. Now if only you’d wish for a toddler potty or crib.”
“Why would I wish for a toddler potty?”

“Because its time for potty training.”
“Ahem… remember me, your host extraordinaire?” Jenn taps her foot impatiently. She looks from one to the other and continues. “As you can see, Roo had her rhythm down pretty good for a while. One on the pot, grab another and so on.”

“The trick is to keep her moving from one toddler to the next. Moving from one to the other until all seven have been set on the potty.”
“I need to pee.”
“You have to wait. Grab Kimmy before its too late!”

Christina plops Kimmy on the potty. “You’re such a big girl. Now potty for me and learn to use the darn thing on your own so I don’t have to keep doing this.”
“That was close.”
Christina tilts her head. “It’s just a diaper. No big.”
“That would have cost you a point.”
“Oh.” Christina shrugs. “Whatever, can I go pee now?”
“No you need to grab bottles for the kids.” Jenn directs her towards the new shiny refrigerator.

Jenn’s eyes widen in panic, “Quick get another bottle! Get another bottle!”

Christina glances at the kids, “What? They’re fine.”
Jenn shakes her head. “Do you see them charging Ang?”
“They’re just being friendly.”
“Oh look the welcoming committee.” The voice pauses noting her host has decided to make an appearance. “Don’t worry about them just yet. Get more bottles before the kids hurt each other.”
“Oh they aren’t gonna-”

“What is Kimmy doing?”
“She’s stealing Ang’s bottle. I told you the kids are hungry.”
“Oh gosh, I need to get them some more bottles before someone gets hurt!”
“Don’t forget the welcoming committee, hopefully someone will help out with the kids.”

“The best part of Kimmy stealing the bottle from Ang is the look of triumph from Kimmy and the patented chibi eyes from Ang… classic.”
“You’re so mean! They’re toddlers. They don’t know better.”

“Says you. Lisa learned quickly and took CeeCee’s bottle.”

The voice chuckles, “Even here I can’t keep those two apart.”
“Don’t get weird. They’re toddlers.”

“Now that they’re all fed. You need to put them in cribs.”
“I’m hungry and I need to shower.”
“Listen I let you pee. You ate geletan. Don’t get too needy. The toddlers come first. Now get them in cribs before it’s too late.”

“Utoh, you’re about to lose Lisa. Quick grab Lisa and put her in a crib.”
I’m worried about Lisa.”
“You don’t have time to be worried about Lisa.” The voice points to another toddler going down.

“Oh no! Poor Oydie, is she gong to be okay sleeping on the cold tile?”
The voice looks at the giggling host and chuckles, “What? Oh ya no worries. You just lost 4 points.”
“What! But why?” Christina pouts.
“Four toddlers fell asleep on the ground, that is a negative point each.”
“Okay this isn’t so easy and now I really need a shower.”

“Well take CeeCee out of the crib first then grab a shower.”
“I’m still hungry, too.”
“One or the other. Pick. You don’t have time for both.”
“Ya but that geletan wasn’t enough. I’m still hungry.”

“Aw see? You complained too long. Now Keth is awake.”
Christina hums in the shower. “Wha?”
The voice sighs, “Keth wants out of the crib. Get over there.”
Christina turns off the water. “I wasn’t really done.”
“You’ll get over it.” The voice pauses. “You know this is only your first day. You have haven’t even been here 24 hours yet and you whine so much.”

Christina grabs a bottle as two toddlers fight over one. “Ya well, you try this and see how much you like it.”
“Still not scared?”
Christina pauses and contemplates the question. “Nope.”

“Hello, Services? Yes. Starting tomorrow? But… fine, tomorrow is fine.”
“Who did you call?”
“A maid. I need all the help I can get… but I’m still not scared!”

Toddler This Continues


Oydie said...

Awww I'm adorable :D Roo your so organised it's scary. I love the out take pics, too cute!
A maid? Wouldn't a Nanny make more sense?

kimbalaya said...

Aww... Ang, I would never really steal your bottle! But I love teh chibi eyes!!!

That one guy has a serious kink in his neck. Ouch.

sarianastar said...

ROFL!! Poor poor Christina. All those toddlers. Dang! Nice evilness from toddler Kimmy, tho I feel bad for Ange.. the chibi eyes are adorable. Haha, great revenge there Roo! :D

Tracy said...

Heehee! I was wondering if you had forgotten about "This"..then thought if I bugged you, I'd get stuck in the game too. (Though since I'm family/knowledge or knowledge/family I'd probably chip in and help Christina -- if Sim-me was an adult.)

The huggles between the kidlets are adorable -- and rather consistent with how we act in Legacyland.

Kethwyn said...

*giggles* Oh, Ange's chibi eyes are beyond adorable. Too bad they didn't work to get her the bottle back. Hmmm... it doesn't look the welcoming committee did too much to help with the kiddos... other than worrying about them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg too. I'm not sure how much help that maid is going to be Christina. *grin*

Christina said...

I wish I could have a maid in real life. Although, if it meant having 7 toddlers to chase, I think I'll be okay cleaning my own house...

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... one adult and 7 toddlers. I wonder if the new maid will be named Maria (or ... hmm ... what's the male version of Maria)? ;O)) *grin*

Aww ... look at mini-me hugging Lisa. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. :O))

Man ... I hope she remembers to empty all those potties. Otherwise ... things could get smelly.

O__o Kimberly stole my bottle?! WAAAAAAAH!! Heh. Gotta love The Chibi Eyes (tm). ;O) No, they don't always work, but ... they're still cute!

Okay ... I'm looking at the first shot of Lisa with her red bed bubble. Then when I click on the "I'm worried about Lisa", link ... it's the same picture. Was that on purpose?

Poor Oydie. OOOh! -4 points! Poor Christina.

This is going to be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Awww, the toddler sim-selves are just too adorable. I think I need to brush my teeth now.

Sowwy, CeeCee. I would never steal from you in RL either.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*shakes her finger at Jenn* We won't try to steal her away from you too often, so long as you let her out to play Sims occasionally. ;)

Christina is one brave sim... *shudders at the thought of that many toddlers*

Wait, what?!? You made a sim who's not allowed to work into a FORTUNE sim? *boggles*

Every toddler was thrilled to get one toy.... one toy, to share among 7 toddlers. Yeah, that's gonna go over well. *snickers*

Hmm, okay. I guess I can see why you wanted a fortune sim. Until those wants to earn money start filling up her panel...

Wow, that's a whole lot of dirty potties to clean there. *snickers*

HAHAHA, OMG, I didn't know toddlers could steal bottles from each other! *falls over laughing* And you're right, the looks on Kimmy's and Ang's faces are priceless. *giggles*

*awwws at Aer and Keth hugging*

*watching just the first few hours, suddenly feels really REALLY sorry for Christina*

Haha, a maid, good call. At least she'll take care of the potties and empty bottles. *snickers*

CeeCee said...

LOL I really like the alternating between hugging and stealing bottles then hugging again.

*hugs all the toddler CeeCee stole from or who stole from CeeCee*

So there! Still not worried. (besides, I'm not Christina) ROFLMBO