Thursday, February 11, 2010


And now for Roo’s LL Minionettes Mini Challenges…
A voice off screen stage whispers, “Paris, that’s your cue.”
She looks to her right and blinks a moment. A look of dawning comes across her feature as if you can see the realization catching up to her.

“Oh, hi!” She pauses, clears her throat and tries again, “Sorry, about that how embar-” She looks around in a panic. “What’s wrong with my voice?”
The stage whispering voice responds, “Nothing. Go with it.”

“Wait, what? I’m… but I can’t hear me?” She looks towards where the voice is projecting. “Why can’t I hear my voice?”
Dropping the pretense of a stage whisper, “This is text.”
“Text?! As in reading and writing and stuff?”

“Um… yes.”
A silent scream is ‘heard’ throughout the blog. “Who’s idea of a joke is this? I’m not meant for text blogs, I’m a star! I am on reality shows. I am the headliner not some cast off nobody that is used for text!”
“Don’t forget the part about being a Sim.”

She looks aghast at her skin and hands. “Why do I look like this? What happened to my flawless skin?”
“Uh, Sim… remember?”

She throws a fit, stomping her foot silently. “Oh that’s it! Someone call my agent. This is so wrong. Heads will roll. Do you hear me? Oh of course you can’t hear me. So read carefully. Heads will roll!”
Paris stomps off, the screen fades to black as theme music is played replaced with a hastily placed advertisement for Hilton Express.

Welcome - Take 2


Anonymous said...

Cute, Roo! I love the thought of you torturing Paris. *snicker*

Anjel76 said...

Paris? As in Paris Hilton? *snickers* She's gonna be your host, eh? Looks like she's going to be LOADS of fun. *cackles*

ruby said...

Ah I didnt torture her for long.. she ran off *points at the hastily placed ad*

kimbalaya said...

LOL!! That was too funny.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hahah, awesome start! Poor Paris. She has no idea what happened. Not that I think she'd get it even after Ruby explained it. *shakes her head*