Tuesday, February 22, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 04

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Heather receives a mysterious package that taunts her thoughts as it sits at her doorway. Who sent it? What’s in it? Should she open it or call the police bomb squad to haul it away? Christina is left home as Mitch goes off with the slut twins. Is he a good Samaritan or a good liar? Ruyb gets sassy with her abuser Armando. Will he back down or bitchslap her again? Magic listens to Don’s request. Will she help him? Is it worth her time? Is he?


Toots laughs. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with… I’ll tell you what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you your own room, your own bathroom and that jalopy out there… if you can fix it, it’s yours, too.”
Dirk stares at her. “What, no allowance?” He smirks watching her seethe.
“Oh you think you’re clever… no, no allowance from me. You will have to get from your father. What you’re going to do for me in exchange is move in here.”
His eyes narrow. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch. That’s the deal. You have until dinner is over to tell him you’ll move in.”
“And if I say no?” His eyes travel her body, his lip twitches as he fights a grin. Her teeth clench momentarily as his eyes remain on her breasts for much too long.
“You try and say no, we do this the hard way.” She snaps her fingers in his face. He doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t avert his eyes. “Careful, little boy.”

“Your boobs are bigger than Lil’s. I bet they’re soft.” His hand reaches for her. Her eyes grow hard. She grabs his hand with surprising force and speed, twisting his hand with a jerk and bending it back at the wrist. He hisses in pain. “Damn, bitch!”
“I told you to be careful.” She applies pressure to his wrist causing him to hiss again.
“What the fuck?”
“Dirk?” Darren calls from the livingroom.
“Ya?” Dirk responds, still gritting his teeth.
“You okay?” Darren’s voice is full of concern. Toots applies pressure to his bent wrist.
“Ya.” Dirk glares at Toots.

Ruyb whimpers in pain on the ground. “Get up.” Ruyb looks up at him. Her eyes are defiant. He growls. “I said get up!” She sits there refusing to move. He comes for her again.
“No… no!” She screams at him. Scrambling to her feet, she tries defending herself. He punches her in the ribs. She cries out in pain. She staggers on her feet.
Armando yells at her. “Who’s a boy now, bitch? Huh?” He moves as if to come at her again. She flinches. “That’s right. I got your boy right here!” He grabs his cock and sneers at her. “Bet you want some of this… don’t you… don’t you?!”

Cyd walks up the path. He runs his fingers through his hair with a tired yawn. He tilts his head listening as he hears yelling. “You fucking bitch!”
His foot hits the first step as he hears her scream. “Ruyb!” Cyd grits his teeth and storms in the house in time to see some strange man in his home, arm cocked to punch his woman. “Ruyb!”
Ruyb staggers on her feet, smiles through her tears. Her voice is a strained hoarse cry. “Cyd!”
The man pushes her aside and turns to face Cyd. “Oh look, the mook is home…”

Ruyb braces herself for what’s to come. Cyd pushes Armando. “Keep your hands off her.”
Armando is taken a bit by surprised and blinks at Cyd. “Are you serious? That’s it? That’s all you got?” Armando laughs. “Roobs, you want this dude? He’s not even a real man.”
Ruyb gasps. “He’s more man than you could ever dream to be!”
“You don’t want to take me on… you want to leave… now.” Cyd grits his teeth and glances at Ruyb, his anger is getting away from him. “I could kill you for what I walked in on. This is my house, you’re trespassing.”
Ruyb’s eyes grow wide. Cyd frowns in confusion.

“Oh, I’ll go… but not without Roobs.”
Cyd laughs. “You seriously think I’m going to let you out of here with her? You must be high.”
Armando snarls. “You best back down.”
Cyd laughs harder. “No, I see now. You’re delusional. I don’t fight with the mentally challenged. Go on now, before you hurt yourself.”
It’s Armando’s turn to laugh. “You idiot. Roobs is-”
“Mando!” Ruyb gasps in horror.
Armando sneers at Ruyb. “Even a dumbass like this deserves to know what kind of slut he’s fucking.”
Cyd growls. “That’s it. I tried to be civil. You crossed a line and now your ass is mine…”

Darren chuckles. “You made macaroni.”
“How many times have I got to tell you? A woman who loves her man, knows what he loves and how to keep him happy.” A snort comes from the other side of the table. Toots ignores and smiles at Darren. “There are other things I can cook, but we’ll get to them another time.”
“You’re amazing.” He reaches across the table and takes her hand in his, lifts it to his lips and kisses the back of her hand. Dirk groans.
Toots smiles at Dirk. “I think he may need some of Grandma’s special chicken soup.”

Dirk pushes around his macaroni trying hard to ignore his grumbling stomach. “Nah, I’m cool.”
“Dirk…” Darren clears his throat.
Dirk looks across the table at his father and sighs. “Ya?”
“So uh… you’re okay with me dating?”
Dirk shrugs. “Ya.” He drops his fork in the bowl and babies his wrist under the table. “It’s cool.”
Toots smiles quietly as Darren continues. “And you’re okay with moving in here?”
Dirk glares at Toots before responding. “Ya…”

Heather swallows hard and licks her suddenly dry lips. “Alon, I don’t think this is a good idea…”
“What isn’t a good idea?” He brushes hair from her eyes. “Bringing in a package?” He caresses her cheek. “Or stopping by to say hi to a friend?”
Her breathing is labored as she fights for control. “You’re…” She bites her lip and stops him. “You’re thoughtful and sweet and…” She shakes her head and backs away. “You’re also underaged and I can’t…” She turns her back to him so he can’t see her struggle. “I just can’t…”

Alon nods slowly. “You’re right…” He walks slowly towards her while speaking. “I am only seventeen. My birthday is soon… very soon. Days away… then I will be eighteen, legal and an adult.” He pauses behind her. He kisses her shoulder. His arm slips around her waist. “When that time comes… I will take you in my arms.” He pulls her close. She closes her eyes gasping in surprise.
“Alon…” She moans softly as his hand slips lower to her hip.
“Yes…” He presses against her.
“Alon, I can’t…” She whimpers.
“Five days, Heather.” His hand rises across her flat belly stopping just below her breast. She whimpers. He exhales slowly. “Five very long days.” He kisses her shoulder again. “Until then, I respect your wishes.” He releases her and steps back. “Good night, Heather.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 05


Anonymous said...

Mitch goes off with the slut twins. Is he a good Samaritan or a good liar? I'm guessing liar. *nods*

Bwahahaha! Don't mess with Toot's tatas boy. She might flash a body, but no touchy!

Awww. I wanna see Mando get his slimy ass whupped. *pouts*

Poor Heather. It sucks to be turned on by jailbait.

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

OMG, Yeah, that little Dirk better watch out, Toots will lay a DD sized can of whoop ass on him!

I wanna see Mando get his ass whooped too!

Yeah it is pest to wait, Heather doesn't want to feel like a pedo!

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

best too, gah!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*gasps* Seriously? Dirk was going to grab Toots' boob?!? *boggles* Good thing she put a stop to that nonsense right away.

*blinks* Okay, this guy is a freaking moron. And I hope Ruyb isn't foolish enough to not report the fact that he broke into her house and beat on her. I'm glad Cyd got home before Armado left or hurt Ruyb too much and yay for him being a REAL man and able to control his temper. I'm glad to see he's sticking up for his girl (although I wouldn't want to be Ruyb when this is over, cuz I think it's gonna be UGLY).

*snickers at Toots* I love how innocent she's playing dinner. :D Heh, guess Dirk figured out he met his match.

Oh, Heather. *tsks* Wait until the boy graduates high school, chicka. Although he clearly is making that difficult. Oh my, he is definitely the seducer! *fans herself* I'm glad he had enough restraint to not push things, surprising as that is in a teenaged boy. (Of course, I'll be shocked if anyone believes they didn't have sex before his birthday, but that's another matter entirely.)

Anjel76 said...

Go Toots! Go Toots!!

And HEY! Why is Ruyb warning "Mando" in horror about Cyd? "Mando" needs to get his ASS handed to him! *GROWL* I say let Cyd kick his ass and hand him his testicles on a silver platter!! *rages*

Mmmm ... younger men! Go for it, Heather!!!