Tuesday, February 15, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 02

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Heather has a close encounter of the insane tenant kind. Christina inhaled a lemon zest salad catching Mitch’s ire. Ruyb has a Chinese delivery gone awry.


“Hello?” Magic listens intently, her eyebrows arch, her eyes widen, her cheeks grow a warm pink and her hand clutches her bare throat. “No!” She flinches. She clears her throat. “I mean, now isn’t a good time. I’m about to turn in for the evening so maybe tomo-”

She bites her lip listening again. “I know that…” Her face is strained. “Well, yes…” She taps her foot. “I realize…” She lets her breath out slowly. “How did you get my phone number?” Her jaw tightens. She speaks through clenched teeth. “I’ll have to remember to thank her.”

“Tomorrow is…” She shakes her head. “No, to-” Magic stares at the phone for a moment before putting it back to her ear. “Hello?” She stares once more at the phone. Her eyes widen. “He wouldn’t…”

“Any time, day or night… I’d be here for you, your needs, your wants, your desires. Just tell me you love me.” Toots trails her finger nails along his skin. He moans entwining his fingers in her hair at the nape of her neck to claim her lips. She lets the kiss develop for a few minutes. His passion grows, his desire peaks. His kiss is hungry and urgent. She pulls back and licks her lips. “Tell me…”
He moans. “You vixen…”
She flicks her tongue along his lips. “Tell me…”
He growls hungrily. He pulls her to him. His teeth are at her ear. “You know I love you.”

She whimpers wrapping her arms around him, pressing against him kissing him back, matching his urgency. “I love you, Darren. Stay… move in with me. Bring the boy, just don’t say no.”
His hand takes to roaming her body, touching and exploring every curve. “Toots…”
She shivers in his arms. “I’m yours for the taking… are you man enough?”
He laughs heartily and tosses her back against the bed. “Oh you have no idea.”
“Move in… show me you’re the man I believe you to be…” Lifting her hips against him she teases him with her pleasures.

“How am I supposed to think while you’re seducing me?” Darren grins. His lips roam her body. She squirms beneath him.
“What is there to think about? I love you. You love me. The house is big enough for us. Your son will have his own room…” She whimpers and writhes. “We can… uhhhh… we can add… oh, another… mmmm… room for you… you… oh!”
He looks up at her with a questioning look. “For me?” He dips his head back to business before she can respond.
“Yes! Oh yes, a… a room for you… your… oh!” She lies back panting. He hovers over her waiting for her to speak. “Something… whew… I dunno, like an art studio.”
Darren laughs. “You do know my weaknesses.”
She shifts her hips teasingly. “Any woman in love knows her man.”

“You came. Even after I told you not to…” Magic looks at him stunned.
“Oh don’t act like that. I told you it wouldn’t take long. Besides it isn’t as if we’re strangers exactly.” He grins at her uneasiness and chuckles. His voice is even smoother in person. She fights not to bite her lip.
“You’re still a stranger, just because I happened to see-” Her mouth clamps shut refusing to voice what exactly she saw.
“Mmm… Dina is a hot little wench. Shame you missed the day before, I had her twin.” He laughs harder at her reaction. “I am sure you’ve been told already, for the record my name is Don… Don Lothario.”
She quirks an eyebrow questioningly at his announcement.
Don shrugs. “It’s a name I wear proudly and live up to as often as possible.”
“Why am I not surprised?” Magic smirks.

Don just grins. “At least I’m up front with my women. They know who I am. They know my reputation and go in to things with an open mind. Uh, most of them…” He brushes a few stray hairs from her brow and gazes in to her eyes. “Ever consider wearing contacts? You have amazing eyes.”
“I…” She swallows hard and lets out her breath. “Okay I uh… ya, I see now how those women can find themselves ensnared in your web.”
“You flatter.” He bows his head in a nod of gratitude. “Yet you give no name…”

“You’re serious.”
“Hey if you can be Lothario, I can be Magic.” She responds defiantly.
“Touche…” He chuckles and continues. “Now for the purpose of my intrusion in to your home. There is a woman-”
“You’re kidding me.”
“No… I have women, Magic, plenty of women that will fill your evenings with voyeuristic sexual fantasies but that’s not the point… one got away. I want her back…”
“What does that have to do with me?”
“You’re going to help me.”

“And if I don’t?” Magic shoots back at him. Who is he to demand her help?
“I move my activities indoors and invest in curtains.” He waits a beat.
She bites her lip in thought. Her voice is soft. She speaks more to herself than him. “Oh… well then…”
“It isn’t all that bad. I think you may even know her already which is why I come to you…”
Magic smirks and crosses her arms. “Oh so the mighty woman slayer, Don Lothario needs help wooing a woman back to his harem?”
“Ha! Never.” It’s Don’s turn to smirk which develops in to a laugh. “I don’t need help getting a woman’s attention. I don’t require your help to get me laid. We’ve already established I can fuck…” Magic blushes deeply. Don ignores it and continues. “She disappeared. She went off radar and changed her phone number. All I need is her number. I will get her back.”

“Will you relax? It’s just dinner.” She shakes her head chuckling. “I should be the nervous one.”
“I keep telling you, it’s not that simple. I haven’t really dated since his mom and…” Darren smiles at Toots. “I really want him to like you.”
“Don’t push too hard. Let him decide what is okay and what’s not and…” Toots shrugs. “If I have to… I’ll just wrestle him to the ground and smash his face in to the rug until he gives in.”
“You’d wha?” Darren blinks. The doorbell rings. Darren glances behind him then back to Toots nervously.
Toots laughs. “Oh relax… I was joking…” Darren kisses her cheeck and rushes for the door. “Kind of…”

“So you must be Dirk… I’m-”
“The woman who stole my father’s heart?” Dirk’s face gives nothing away. Deadpan, straight face, even his voice is rather monotone.
Darren groans. “Dirk, mind your manners.”
“He is being polite.” Toots’ smile doesn’t waiver. Her eyes sparkle. “Darren, would you be dear and give us a few minutes to get to know each other.”
Darren hesitates. “But…”
“Dirk is fine …” Toots’ eyes never leave Dirk’s as they measure each other silently.
“Ya, Dad. I’m good.” Dirk’s lip twitches.
Darren nods slowy and leaves the two alone. “I’ll be in the living room watching TV, I guess.”

Toots’ smile still in place she leans closer and lowers her voice. “You don’t fool me. You may have your father confused and twisted with guilt… for what I don’t know and really… I don’t care.” He raises his eyebrows. The corner of his mouth twitches again. “You aren’t some helpless little boy that needs his undivided attention. You’re some punk teen who’s playing his father. I happen to love that man… and I’m not about to let you hurt him.” Their eye contact remains as she stands straight.
“You aint gotta chance. You’re outta your league. You think you can just waltz in to this family and tell me who I am and how things are gonna go…” Dirk watches her half amused.
Toots scoffs. “Don’t mess with me kid. You won’t win.”
Dirk breaks a smile at last. “Bring it on, babe.”

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 03


MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Ooooh, I bet Toots wants to bitch slap him!...Let her! Let her dooo eeet!

Is it bad that I find the situation that Magic is in very amusing?

Anjel76 said...

The beginning of the post got me to remember something I meant to post about in the last chapter. Christina's situation. That thing about Mitch getting angry at her when she left the table ... *squints eyes* ... it doesn't sit right with me at all. I hope she hasn't fallen for an abuser. Cuz I'll kick his ass!!! *GRR*

Go Toots!! WOOOOO!!

*enters word verification: "tholy" ... heh!

Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing how Dirk & Toots get along.

*is curious about who The Don wants help finding*

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

What's Don up to? I don't trust him!

And Dirk! Wow!

CeeCee said...

*tee hee* Why do I expect Magic to "play the player?" I can totally see her messing with Don's mind so much he can't think.

Toots and Darren are so cute. Dirk has no idea what he's up against. LOL I almost feel sorry for the kid. Almost.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Poor Magic. Someone clearly gave out info they shouldn't have to someone Magic doesn't want to know anymore. *comfort* Whoever this is, Magic, if you don't want to see them tonight, then don't answer the door. *tickle*

Hehe, not fair of Toots to seduce poor Darren this way. *cheers her on*

Oh, well, hmm, okay, this puts a whole other spin on things. *fights back a grin as Don chats with Magic* Heh, yeah, I did notice that engagement ring on his finger there. :) *blinks* Really, Magic? That's all it takes for him to twist your arm into helping him? *shakes her head* And why do I have a really bad feeling that Don is looking for Ruyb... I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not sure how many people Magic would know, given that she just got released from an asylum.

Hahahaha! I love Toots' idea for getting Dirk to "give in." *snorts* Oh, Dirk, honey, you are playing so far outside of your league. Yeah, you may have years of experience in manipulating your dad, but if on first meeting Toots is wise to your games, you're just screwed.