Friday, February 18, 2011

‘This’ Pleasant View - Gen 1 03

Previously on ‘This’ Pleasant View:
Magic was presented with options by The Don. Toots meets the teen and lays it on the line.


Heather pauses to stare at the package. She tilts her head sizing it; she steps closer and peers at the hand written note in big bold script. Upon the card is a name. Simply one name and that’s all. No indication who it’s from, just ‘Heather’. Heather bites her lip and stares at the package. She looks towards the apartment beside her and wonders if it is from the perv of apartment 3.

“Dinner was great.” Mitch gives her a grin. “So what do you have planned for tonight?”
“Planned? Um… nothing?” Christina shrugs. “I just got here and I honestly have no plans made. Is there something you’d like to do?” Christina bites her lip. Her eyes roam his body. He chuckles.
“Later I will definitely take you again. Right now, I need to get ready to go.”
“Go?” Christina’s shoulders sag with disappointment.
“Mhmm… duty calls. I’m part of the welcome wagon committee and my name got pulled for a visit. It was planned some days ago. I can’t get out of it.” He slips an arm around her waist. “I won’t be gone long. You won’t even miss me.”

Heather prepares her dinner. Her mind keeps wandering back to the package left for her. Maybe she should open it… there may be some more information inside the box. She forms the patties without thinking. Her hands work automatically.

“Aw man!” Heather sighs deeply as her dinner is burned. “I can’t even blame this one on Magic.” She takes the charred meat off the burner and stares at it. The smoke detector goes off.
“Ack!” She squeals and opens the apartment door to let the smoke out. She stares at the package still sitting out side her front door waiting for her. “This is ‘your’ fault.” She glares at the package for a moment longer before returning to her burnt dinner.

“You asshole, you scared me. How dare you walk in to my home uninvited?” Ruyb glares at him. “Now get out… get out of my house before I call-”
“Call? Who are you going to call Roobs? Hmm? The police? I’d like to see you call them. I dare you. And when they get here you know what I’m gonna tell them…”
“You wouldn’t…” Her resolve hardens.
“Try me.” He laughs. “You can’t even threaten me. I have all the cards…” He steps closer. Ruyb flinches and he smirks. His voice lowers threateningly. “That’s right, bitch. You ‘should’ be afraid of me.”
Her anger flares. Her eyes widen. “Afraid? Of you? You’re not even a man, Mando.”
His smirk drops. His hand flies back before it makes contact with her sending a shockwave of pain seering through her. She stands stunned. Her head spins. Her vision blurs. She hisses as her hand comes in to contact with her cheek. “Careful, Ruyb, think before you open your mouth again.”

“You’re a bastard.” Ruyb tries her best to stay calm. She feels her control slipping. She can’t let him get the upper hand. Her voice softens. “Get out. Just go, Mando.” She feels the tears burning behind her eyelids. She holds her cheeck refusing to look at him.
“Beg.” He smirks.
“What?” She shakes her head slowly back in forth.
“Beg me to leave…” Armando’s voice is once again low.
She crosses her arms defiantly she glares at him through her blurred vision. “Never…”
“You want me out… you’ll beg.” He laughs. “Oh I want to hear it… for old times. Come on, Roobs. Beg…”
She refuses to appease the beast. “Just leave already. Don’t you have other deliveries to make,” she holds her arms in front of her as a brave front. She prays silently that he doesn’t see her shaking, “delivery ‘boy’.”

“Back up, I haven’t agreed to help you.” Magic shakes her head. “But let’s say hypothetically that I do help you… what’s in it for me?” She smirks. “You fucking some women for my viewing pleasure isn’t enough incentive.”
Don grins. He grabs her around the back of her neck and pulls her forward off balance. She gasps and steps forward in surprise. Just that easily he has her within his grasp, his lips lightly brushing along the soft exposed skin of her shoulder up to her neck. He whispers throatily, “Oh but it won’t be me just fucking women.” He takes her earlobe between his teeth. “I will tend to your needs and occasional requests.”

He releases her and steps back. She stands unmoved staring at him. Her heart races and beats heavily in her chest. He runs his thumb across her bottom lip. She whimpers. “Will you help me?”
“I… I…” Magic swallows hard. Her eyes search his face. “It…”
Don nods slowly. “I’ll give you some time to think on this. I hope you decide to help me. Come on, walk me out…” He grins. “I’m surprised the girls haven’t come in looking for me.”
“Girls?” Magic slowly snaps out of it.
“The twins… I left them in the car. They have some silly welcome wagon thing they’re doing tonight after dinner.”
“Oh! Now I remember where I met that blond-” Magic bites her lip cutting off the rest of that thought.
Don chuckles. “Yes, that is why you know the girls. Come on…” He turns and walks towards the door.

“Hello?” Christina stiffens. “He’s unavailable. Who’s this?” She tilts her head in thought. “Oh. Um, no this is Christina… his girlfriend.” Her eyes widen. “He did?” She grins, her eyes light up and she looks behind her towards the stairs. Her voice takes on a wistful tone. “He did?” If it is at all possible Christina looks as if she simply melts. “Aw, he’s so sweet.” She nods. “Oh sure, I’ll tell him.” Christina giggles. “Oh, I’d like that. I’ll be sure to cook something real nice. Next week maybe?” She tilts her head before nodding again. “Okay, just let me know. Bye, Dina.”

He reaches his hands out to her and laughs when she stares at them. “I promise to give them back.” Hesitantly she places her hands in his. He gives them a squeeze. “It was a delight to finally meet you face to face… now that you know me, don’t be a stranger. You’re welcome to drop by most any time.” He winks.
Magic blushes and nods. “I would say the same, but I’m sure you would just come over any how…”
Don laughs. “Possibly.” He lifts one hand to his lips, kissing her palm. He winks at her again and walks away. “Night, Magic. Don’t take too long thinking about it. I’ve been known to grow impatient.”

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Anonymous said...

Mando needs to prepare to die.

That is all. *nods*

sarianastar said...

I'm with Lisa. What is WITH these smarmy, controlling, asshat men! Mando and Don both need to be knocked down a peg or three. Sheesh. ESPECIALLY Mando... who goes around barging into houses, hitting women.. he should be arrested at the very minimum!

Anjel76 said...

Ewwwwwwww ... I feel all ... DIRTY. *scrubs the Mando germs off of her skin before her skin falls off*

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

Where's the line forming to lynch Mando? I've got a tree in my backyard we can use.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm, mysterious gifts from secret admirers, eh? *nudges Heather to open it*

*tsks at Mitch* Your woman was clearly hoping to fool around NOW, not later.

*blinks* She didn't even take the box inside?!? What the heck?

EXCUSE ME?!? What PROOF does he have that she'd ever slept with him? And even if she had, clearly, she's moved on and moved to a new home, probably hoping to never see this stalker again. If she called the cops, just how would he explain he came into her home uninvited and then threatened her? HOW? *stares at Ruyb* You're going to stand there and let a man hit you? Seriously?? And she's not going to say anything to her boyfriend, I bet. Surely he doesn't think she was a virgin before him? It's not surprising some relationship or other didn't end well?

*shakes her head at Magic* And just that easily, you fall under Don's spell, eh?

*frowns* Who's Christina talking to that she's having such interesting reactions? *blinks*

*nods at the other girls and the lynch-line for Mando* I'll bring the rope.